China virus might make computer parts price soar soon

I think it’s not far fetch at this point to see an upcoming price surge on computer parts with China manufacturing taking a serious hit with the current event.

Many articles on Amazon are already out of stock so i think i will order my new computer before thing go south in price and availability.

What do you guy’s think about the current situation?

Maybe not due to the virus, but it looks like DRAM prices are set to rise again (because of shortages).

The big thing that could derail Sony’s pricing plan is DRAM costs (hence why it is mentioned). The fact that we just came out of a period where prices went skyward is why it’s now very important for software houses (Adobe, Autodesk, ect…) to finally cut the bloat and make their stuff lighter on hardware (which often leads to lower memory consumption).

I saw this one in the news this morning and 450 is the cost of making the PS5 so they will probably sell it very close to the price of a low end PC.

Quite honestly… this is just a rather silly attempt at stock-market speculation, and it should be given no more serious attention. We now live and have always lived in a world that is “inhabited” by viruses and microbes.

It’s already having an effect on global supply chains. If the people in the locked down cities can’t get to work they can’t make the widgets that go into other products. The prices may not go up simply because nobody can order what they need. I’m already hearing about people being laid off here in America because the small companies they work for can’t get the products they sell.
If everything went back to normal tomorrow it would still take a 3 to 6 weeks, or longer, for things to get back to normal. Nvidia Just cut $100 Million off its 1st Quarter earning for 2020 because of the virus.

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It will surely have a bigger impact as time goes on but let’s hope price will not become insane like the mining craze!

Is there any alternative to produce computer parts in other countries such as Taiwan etc?

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I read your Wikipedia article. Very weak. Doesn’t actually address the facts I stated. Anyone here ought to give it a read, it’s pretty short and just as irrelevant. What from my post is misinformation?

Pentagon thinks it’s likely a bioweapon. Just look up what they’re doing to prepare just in case!
Hey, did you actually look up why the senator thinks it could be a bioweapon?
Howabout you read the research paper showing HIV chunks in Coronovirus.
The article mentions talk of a vaccine already made, false, yes. But there was a Patent on the very same virus like 3 months before the first case.

Your article doesn’t change the fact that it looks, smells, and seems like a bioweapons.
Doesn’t change the fact that every major government is known to have labs which produce bioweapons, or that one such biolab was only miles away in Wuhan which had the very same virus.

You can’t prove to you that some Chin from Wuhan got it from eating a snake or whatever, but the facts remain that the virus preexisted the market. It went into the market before it came out. Also it’s most certainly not your standard flu. I can’t prove it’s a bioweapon, but who you going to believe? Me or the commies?

I don’t trust the commie Chinese government one ounce and you shouldn’t either. The Chinese doctor who wistleblew about the Coronovirus being a thing (who also died from it) was harassed by the Chinese government and ordered not to talk about it.

What are the chances a known and sequenced virus transmits from some unknown animal (no known extra animal deaths to account for this btw) to some dude in Wuhan, the same city where a biolab with the same virus existed?

Pretty low. Occam’s razor says bioweapon mishap. I’ve just come to the most simple and logical conclusion.

Also, Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself either.

I get my information from reputable newspapers, news sites and places like WHO. Where are your sources?

If it’s a bioweapon then it’s a pretty poor one.
It causes mild disease in 4 out of 5 people who get it.
1 out of 5 people have severe problems such as pneumonia.
0 out of 5 people get “phenomena”.
It’s not as deadly as SARS or MERS.
It has roughly a 2% mortality rate. Crap as a weapon.
The HIV thing has been thoroughly debunked weeks ago (

The only truthful thing that senator tweeted was the first part of his tweet “We still don’t know where coronavirus originated,”

You don’t have to believe the “commies”. All the scientific evidence for coronaviruses points to a naturally occurring animal source. I’d take information from virology experts all day long over some random US senator, anti-vax nutjobs or frothing Alex Jones types.


Yeah because it’s smart to create a doomsday weapon that’s potentially just as deadly to your own population, isn’t it?
Oh wait, not that’s not smart.
You’re operating on a Hollywood type imagination version of a bioweapon.

The best bioweapon is one that could be passed off as natural but which is abnormal enough to cause enough fear to damage a nations economy as it ravages through its population.

Even with a pre-made vaccine, a highly engineered and deadly bioweapon is just as likely (if not more) to mutate and cause trouble for the native population. Unleashing a terrible bioweapon is also a terrible image.

Coronovirus is just about what you’d want. But it appears its spread was accidental. It wasn’t done cooking yet.

Stop operating off of the numbers that the Chinese government is producing. They’re not accurate. Any expert who has commented on this anywhere will agree and many have stated that there are likely thousands and thousands of undocumented cases and therefore deaths.

In Wuhan where it has had the most time, the mortality rate has steadily been increasing and is about 5% now. This is to be expected… it doesn’t kill you instantly like one of your Hollywood bioweapons. If we knew the undocumented/unrestricted numbers anyone would agree that would be higher. As the virus will continue to ravage the population that number is expected to steadily increase some more.

As for the HIV thing, I’ll do some more research before I conclude anything based off this information you’ve presented me. I only have a shallow grasp of sequencing. I could very well have been wrong in my first conclusion.

Mainstream media which you allude to is not reputable whatsoever, you should know better.
WHO has its own problems but I’m mainly using information about the virus from them and other such organizations.

I go to YouTube for my speculation now and then. I’ve watched a lot of videos from out of China Wuhan itself.

Alex Jones was kicked off YouTube along with many many others (Because YT is biased and totalitarian.)

You failed to respond to this one…

What are the chances a known and sequenced virus transmits from some unknown animal (no known extra animal deaths to account for this btw) to some dude in Wuhan, the same city where a biolab with the same virus existed?

Thread derailment in 3, 2, 1… :slight_smile:

Regardless of origins, how lethal it is etc. It’s going to cause problems for a long time to come.
It spread fairly fast on The Princess Diamond cruise ship that was under quarantine. People that tested negative have tested positive for it a few days later. That may be an issue with how it is being tested.
The threat of it alone will cause people to change how they do things.
For the sake of argument lets say it’s just a really bad flu that knocks people down for 3 weeks.
You have 200 workers in a factory, After a quarantine they come back to work but someone catches it again. Now all the healthy people catch it and it lays out 25 to 30 % of your skilled labor for 3 weeks. And the cycle repeats until they come up with a Vaccine. You can start to see where this becomes a problem. And you can’t just switch production to a different country Not for high tech items like chips etc. The assembly lines are built for that one specific task. A lot of items are only made by one or two factories and then rebranded and sold by different companies.

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What do you mean by a known and sequenced virus? Covid 19 is a new coronavirus variant. As the CDC say “A novel coronavirus is a new coronavirus that has not been previously identified”

Coronaviruses are a vast family of viruses, some of which we know about and some of which emerge through mutations and are new to us.

If someone were designing a biological weapon then they’d want it to be as deadly as possible with a short incubation time. Not a 2% mortality rate and an incubation time of weeks. You want it to kill as many as your enemies as it can and burn out. Look at the mortality rates of actual biological weapons developed, used and tested in reality. Smallpox 30%. Anthrax 20%. Botulinum toxin 10-50%.

I’m done with debating this. Believe what you want to believe. My only aim in posting the link to Coronavirus disinformation was to make sure people could get some balance. Posting disinformation about stuff like this isn’t a victimless crime. You already have idiots claiming that gargling “Miracle Mineral Supplement” (industrial bleach) helps ward off Covid 19 and whackjobs like Jim Bakker basically selling snake oil in the form of colloidal silver.

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One issue is that many people these days are very skeptical of any reporting that has been done with the official backing of a national government, because we’ve seen time and again how media only gives what you need to come to the conclusion they want you to have. Many countries also exert a high level of control over the media so people overseas don’t hear the bad things.

That said, I’m not saying the bioweapon theory is fully accurate either. Perhaps one reason why the virus is so potent in China is because it’s attacking overcrowded cities full of bodies weakened by a combination of extreme air pollution and very high tobacco use (ie. junked immune systems and damaged respiratory systems). This would explain the near 100 percent recovery rate in the west and perhaps the notably lower death toll outside the epicenter.

Exactly. Nobody can rule out the possibility it could be a mistake bioweapon, just as I can’t rule out it being totally natural.

China is the defacto example of propaganda.

Yup… the simplest explanation

  1. Authoritarian government doesn’t like giving out too much info
  2. Overcrowded and relatively poor populations living in very large cities
  3. Popularity of traditional “warm” meat markets
  4. A health system that has been swamped and overwhelmed by this new coronavirus.

There’s no need to involve theories, or indeed believe the reporting of the mainstream media if you are adverse to it. Just listen to scientists. If you don’t believe them and instead choose to believe theories by non-scientists then… I have questions :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, I am not trying to play down the seriousness of Covid 19. It’s going to kill a lot of people all around the world. Far more than typically die every single year from “normal” seasonal flu. It may even kill a significant number of people in far more developed countries. It doesn’t take much to put healthcare systems under unsustainable pressure and cause failures.

I just don’t buy the AIDS/HIV/Bioweapon/Planned de-population/Gargle Bleach/Resident Evil/Evil Commies stuff without a shred of evidence.

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