Chisel Tool for 2.79

Hi BlenderArtists!

Chisel is a little script I wrote for making chisel-like marks on a mesh, but it can be used to create other effects. I thought I’d share it in case anyone else finds it useful:

Chisel Tool


I used to make this type of effect manually using the Rip-Fill operator or the knife tool but that got tedious so I made an interactive tool for it. Behind the scenes it simply bevels the selection and then collapses the geometry at each loose end.
I’m not super experienced with Blender coding so my apologies if the script breaks - be sure to save your work!


excellent tool, great to make panel cut too.

I’m new to blender, one question, every time I close and re open blender, the operator is gone from search box, how to save the operator to hotkey or a button, so that I do not need to run the script every time I open blender?

Make sure you press save preferences, when you add the add-on.

Thanks! Looks like kkar beat me to the answer

unlike other addons, usually I load addon -> save user settings.
when click “install addon from file…” in this case, there is no “Chisel” addon appears under “Add-ons” tab. instead, I open text editor and open “” and run script, so that it appears in search box. however, I need to do this again when re open blender.

excuse my newb-ness. where is the “save preferences” button?

This addon is not installable as a zip file. You need to copy it under your addons folder manually. The dev did a proper class but did not bother to wrap as a zip file.

run the line in the python console in Blender

and under there find the addon folder, that is where you put that .py

You can also install my DuWamf addon and access those folders easily. You can just use the free version.

It looks like I was missing bl_info in the addon, which made it impossible to install the addon. That should be fixed now, sorry about that.

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