Chocolate truffles

As a long time Maxwellrender user, it was a real challenge rendering this project using Cycles. Hope you enjoy this!


Wow, impressive realism. I love the raspberries. Did you make all the assets in the scene?

Nice touch with the subsurf on the white chocolate and the raspberries.

Thanks Sol!!
The models were made from I was responsible for the scene setup, materials and render.

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Thank you!!

Really great! Your white chocolate and chocolate chip materials turned out particularly well. :+1:

Thanks Karlb, the chips were a big challenge to get them right!!!

Great, now I’m hungry. ARE YOU HAPPY? :expressionless:
Amazing detail to chocolates, but there’s one thing I don’t like. Strawberry. It looks plastic. I’d add/increase subsurface scattering.
Raspberry looks very good, but it should be more transcluent. Maybe sss too? :slight_smile:
Can’t say anything bad about any of the chocolates though. Did you photoscan them?

Yep, I’ve got an evil smile on my face now :smiling_imp:
Thanks for the support!! I see what you mean with the strawberry and raspberries. They do have subsurface scattering but maybe they needed a bit more. I focused on the chocolates, took the fruit from this project Juicy Cycles but didn’t change the materials at all. I’ll look into it and come back with the results.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Read about the creation of this scene on BlenderNation:

Thank you!!!

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