Citroen C2 Sport (S1600) - materials

As promissed, I’m starting a new WIP and this time a car as i havent done any in a long time and i need to see if i can still do it.
I chose this little beast, Citroen C2 Sport (or Super 1600)

More reference pics here

==== Current Progress ====


here it is:

some edges are too sharp, just realised it :stuck_out_tongue: if u find anything else u’re more than welcome to comment and critique

  • Kroni

Looks like we have a Blender Pro :smiley:
Give us the wires.

One crit:
Where are the doors?
There are no door seems.

Great work! can you show us some wire of your wip?
How can you set light and material for the clay render?
is only spec=0 and one area light orange? [yafray or internal ?]
tnx for the answer;)

thx for comments, here are the wires :slight_smile:

Nah, but thank u very much :wink:

don’t know why, but i always cut the doors out at the end :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s blender internal and the same lighting (sun + AO) is used on both versions, i simply use 3 render layers: full (with regular mats), clay and wire (that override materials with the appropriate one).
Clay is a simple 0 specular material:
I also posted my wireframe setup here


  • Kroni

small update, adding details, cutting out doors (needs some fixes though):

this was probably the hardest mentally part of modelling so far :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Kroni

Very neat.
Are you going to do interior?

there’s still lots to do for the exterior so i havent decided yet.

another update (finally on wheels), only clay renders this time

Things to do now:

  • finish car body
  • tire thread and brakes
  • front/rear lights

comments welcome :wink:

  • Kroni

Looks very agressive :smiley:
very good so far! keep it up!

This car looks very nice and you seem to be a fast modeler. I’m keeping an eye on this one.

glad u like it
@cipix: very nice renault scenic

just a small rear update :wink:

Final update today:

  • Kroni

Adding details, finally looks like a sports car :stuck_out_tongue: (now l have to start modelling side mirrors…)

Btw. any ideas about what kind of environment would u like this in ? I’m considering standard studio or some kind of tarmac track.

  • Kroni

Modelled the mirrors:

very nice, very clean

thx :wink:

Added brakes to the wheels, now only the tire thread to model and the wheels will be ready for rally stages :wink:

just the brakes:

and the whole wheel:

  • Kroni

I consider the wheel done :wink:

and the whole car:

  • Kroni

hmm dont know why i’m posting it if noone replies but here’s an update :wink:
modelling almost finished…

  • Kroni

:Dthere are no replies because you are very quick and there is nothing to critisize

Very nice so far, nothing to crit. Can’t wait for render shots with materials. Did you decided if you want to model the interior ?