Clipping Border (Alt-B) not working in Blender 2.8

(Zsolt) #1

As we are nearing Beta, meaning feature-complete, I would like to point out that this feature is not working. Or is it completely missing?

With the clipping border (Alt-B in Blender 2.79, but also in the new 2.8 keymap) , you can restrict the visibility in the 3D viewport to a smaller area/volume. This is great in complex scenes, with many objects, and objects inside other objects. You can also use it to make a simple 3D cutaway-view.
Does this have something to do with the Eevee viewport? Maybe it’s harder to make it work with Eevee? Even then it should still work in solid OpenGL view.

Clipped box view in 2.8?
(TeaCrab) #2

This is one missing feature that will be forever missed. It was really useful modelling the inner workings of intricate models…

(Romanji) #3

It’ll be back. Just got “lost in translation”.

(cdog) #4

And what about isolation ( / key in 2.79)? Will it be restored as well? It’s very important when working in dense scenes.

(tyrant monkey) #5

Don’t tell me that they took that out. I started migrating an old project to 2.8 so that I can start learning and get accustomed to all the changes they have made and I spent some frustratingly minutes yesterday trying to figure out where this went I settled for hiding things with the H key.

(cdog) #6

Well, hiding kind of works but it isn’t the same, because isolation mode doesn’t change visibility in properties. And hiding can then be used on top of that.

(tyrant monkey) #7

Yeah, I know. But at the time it was either use H or rage quit.

(erickBlender) #8

It’s still there, just forgotten. Let us make some noises, Please @William @ideasman42 can you have a look on this, it seems forgotten

(hypersomniac) #9

I’m sorry to say that but what’s forgotten is the removal of the feature.

I looked at how to implement this the best we can but it would mean a lot of change in the codebase we are not
ready to do right now. That and the added complexity it would add to all the drawing pipeline.

Now the technical reason: previously, this was implemented using one or two opengl functions. But now that we transitioned to opengl 3.3 we cannot use the same method. Implementing the same feature is now our responsibility. The problem is that for it to work we basically need to duplicate, patch and manage every shader used in the drawing pipeline.

One could say we just need to have an automatic shader patching but this would add significant overhead if not managed correctly.

Supporting it for Solid/Xray/Wireframe + Edit mesh mode is already a big task, and i’m not talking about the non-meshes objects. So it is unlikely to make it to 2.80.

That said, we (me first I used it extensively in the past) know that it’s a useful feature to have and we are still looking at how we can either implement it in the new viewport or find a different solution to the problem.

(cdog) #10

And what about the isolation mode? Is it coming back? Or are we left with hiding only?

(Zsolt) #11

That’s sad to hear. Is there maybe some way of (mis)using the near and far clipping distance used by cameras?

(hypersomniac) #12

It’s coming back but no time frame.

(hypersomniac) #13

Nope, it does not work that way unfortunately :frowning:

(wph4) #14

It’s not a real solution of course but as a stop-gap, how about a popup floating window that captures the size/aspect-ratio/perspective, and renders out to a floating pop-up window just above the border selection, or maybe in the corner of the active screen. Might be more trouble than it’s worth though.

(jaxtraw) #15

Isolate is pretty much essential. It’s a total pain without it at the moment.

As to clipping, for about the last 3 weeks or so (I think) it’s gone somewhat haywire in the viewport with planes in particular just randomly disappearing from some viewpoints.

(ajarosz) #16

It outliner, when we click an eye, it hides/shows the object. With CTRL it hides everything except that object. Could we have something similar with Disable/Enable in the viewport (third icon)? Because as I can see it works independently to hide/show the object. So if we could CTRL+click to disable all object except this one from the viewport and then again CTRL+click to enable all object in viewport it would kind of an isolate the object.

(cdog) #17

You can do this simply by selecting objects you want to isolate and pressing SHIFT+H which will hide all unselected and you don’t need to fish for them in the outliner. Then pressing ALT+H unhides all. That’s working fine, but isolation in 2.79 is a separate thing and you can hide things on top of that (in isolation). Or have some things hidden and go into isolation and then return back without unhiding everything else.

(ajarosz) #18

Yes, but isolate view don’t affect hidden objects. When you hide some object during the process of making a scene and you want them to stay unhide, you can’t do this. Pressing ALT+H brings them back to view. HIDE/SHOW and DISABLE FROM VIEWPORT in outliner work independently form each other so if we could have CTRL+click to disable from view everything except one object and bring all object back the same way we could have something more like isolated view

(cdog) #19

One object is not enough sometimes. But it doesn’t matter. Clement says it’s coming back, so lets hope it come soon and it’s working like it used to.

(Raphael Catossi) #20

I know it’s not the best solution, but you can play around with the Clip Start and End distances.

It’s a pain to tweak it all the time, maybe creating workspaces for different distances could work.

The good side is that it respects X-mirroring.

And “isolate” is still there, just press / in the numeric kb.