Cloth modifier on a partially rigid object

What the end result should look like

The video above is two objects, the upper box. The hanging streamers below which have the cloth modifier applied to them.

The full animation has copies of this box+streamer group in the background blurred out with depth of field. ( link at the bottom of this post )

The problem : The box+streamer copies in the background when rotated ( despite parenting ) separate. They also result in multiple separate object clutter. In order to simplify tried to model this box+streamer setup as one object However am unable to apply the cloth modifier to this object.

Pinned the Box vertex group so it does not move

Applied a cloth modifier to the hanging streamers

What am I doing wrong?

Link to the main animation where box & streamers separate

Hey without having looked into the file yet, i immediatly had to think of wiggle bones, its by far not that resource heavy and not that, well annoying like cloth sometimes imo. they basically behave the same way like cloth would do, depending on how windy you wanted to get with those arms.

I think the problem is too much geometry. Th scale isn’t applied (ctrl a > Scale) (Object > Apply > Scale). Open the simple scene, go into edit mode and press 1 for vertex mode, press a once to select all, right click mouse > Merge > By Distance, and finally change the parameter in the merge by distance properties to .0601.

Add your group as a pin group and play.

Merging the vertices by distance turns the streamers which are supposed to blow in the wind in to a clump.

Alright retried ‘Merge By Distance’ and your solution worked, partially.
Now the streamers move, but are stiff like thick-cloth / stiff paper. Am using the default fabric settings for ‘Silk’ just like in the first video ( final result ) in my original question above.

Strange, the settings match but the cloth acts stiffer… First video is what I did, using the solution proposed by [a59303] :+1:

Second video is what the modified object looks like… a bit stiff, like the fabric was starched :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but heh I can live with that … marking this as solved.

Link to file if anyone has any ideas to make the cloth less stiff, had to remove vertices by merging to apply the cloth modifier ( the original issue )

Yeah, sorry for the late reply. I was tinkering with this file and could not get the cloth to behave properly. If you turn up the wind to 30000 it seems to work. I don’t know what the issue is. Anyway good luck.

Thanks for looking at the file and thank you for your time.

Using your feedback, rebuilt that box and streamer, this time using less complex geometry & on a much smaller scale. Now it works with wind at 5000. As the target audience will be viewing it on phones ( small screen ) this is good enough. The stiffness of the cloth can be fixed, but did not bother with it.This is good enough.