Wiggle 2

Figured this was worth creating a new thread for my complete rewrite of my wiggle bones addon! You can get the new version 2 from the git hub below:

For context, you can find out more about the legacy addon here

Updated Version 2.2 Features:

  • Animateable mute toggles
  • Freezing of armature wiggle after bake (so as not to fight with animated mute)
  • Moar quality steps (up to 100) for longer chains
  • Improved handling of bones not connected to their parents

Updated Version 2.1 Features:

  • Wind force support
  • More robust wiggling of bone heads
  • Some rudimentary handling of bone constraints like ‘Child Of’ and ‘Copy Location’ for more rigging flexibility
  • Baking option to push existing animation into NLA

New Version 2.0 Features:

  • New Physics Logic: Wiggling now behaves more realistically, especially when simulating simple ropes or chains.

  • Pinning: Using a damped track constraint on a wiggling bone pins it to its target, with other bones responding accordingly.

  • Collision support: Bones can collide with a specified mesh or collection, and respond with friction, bouncing, or even stickiness.

  • Linking and library overrides: Wiggle 2 works properly on library linked assets, with overrides allowing you to tune your wiggle to each scene.

  • Baking refinements: One click bake converts an objects visible wiggle bones into key frames. Preroll options allow your simulation to settle. Or use it with the timeline looping option for generating seamless wiggle on animated loops.


  • Refreshed interface: Everything can be managed from a single panel in the 3d animation view for streamlined, fullscreen workflows.


This is a nice surprise. Can’t wait to test it tonight. Thanks for your awesome work!

this looks potentially useful for simple quick ragdolls! Does this work with rotational limit constraint?

this is an intersting idea (no rotation limits yet, but i could investigate). also it seems the physics perfer that there is an anchored parent somewhere in the bone chain. on the flip side, my quick test somehow generated a rudimentary attempt at a walking ai??

also lest i only share failed cases, here’s some working examples:


Holy moly this is exciting news. Can’t wait to try this out!

Really nice bro

holy moly this is really nice work man !!!

i’m working on adding some wind support, since i picture jiggling things often want to blow in the wind.


Hey maybe modify the old thread and put the link for this one in the first post?, the other one is really easy to find on google, for this one i need to find the other one, and then get to the bottom to go to the link that gets me here.

just a dumb suggestion


I got a feature request/suggestion, if you dont “override” the current action, its very jarring to get a new action with no animation and just the sim result, wouldnt it be better that i’d keep the current action in place, and add a new action in the nla on top of it with the result of the sim only so the user can see the entire result?

yeah i agree! i believe this is how i had tried to handle it in the previous version. I think the gotcha was some people who were unfamiliar with the NLA didn’t understand what was happening (their character was still animated but didn’t appear to have any keyframes in the action editor etc).

My logic was the ability to overwrite or create a new action with just the specified bones more closely matches the default behaviour of the generic bake action operator. but of course that defeats some of the purpose of having a specialized bake wiggle option, so i can definitely be swayed to keep the older behaviour! :slight_smile:


Maybe make it a extra option, and specify it in the tooltip


I can’t find “Wiggle 2” N panel anywhere. There’s not a tab.
The only thing I can see (in pose mode at least) is this panel.
I don’t have a “collision” picker panel like you show here.
Where do I need to check to create the pinning and collisions for the bones?

Also, I went to the github, opened the .py and read about the WIPs at the end of the code…

I’m interested in the spheres, bones collisions. How do you set that up?

I cant find addon in install menu I select zip but I cant activate in addons menu. I try to search as '‘wiggle’ but nothing appears. Also it doesn’t automatically appear like other addons do when you choose zip. What Im missing?

@PierreSchiller It looks like you have the old version of the addon. i realize that the first link in my post goes to that old version to give context, but that might be confusing. I’m going to update the post to try to add clarity!

@Furkan_Can_Kaya perhaps you downloaded the entire source code respository zip? the addon itself should just be the python file ‘wiggle_2.py’ which you can select directly when installing in blender.

All you need is the python file from the release page here:

Still getting up to speed on best practices for working with github, apologies!


Excellent work! big fan of V1 and V2 seems to be even more powerful, but I have come across an issue.
In ye olden version I used a driver to turn it on or off, which worked great. But it still seems to damp movement when disabled this way.

I recorded a video and made an account, but new users can’t upload attachments…
The driver was put on the “Bone tail” tickbox, the driver value was simply a custom int (0/1) property on another bone.

Once again, thanks for wiggle bones! There’s nothing like it.

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To me, the addon appears in the Animation tab on the N panel.

You absolute madman you did it! You legend!

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ahh yeah i think i know what you’re talking about.

in the previous version, were you driving the ‘active’ checkbox?
Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 9.36.59 AM

without getting too deep into things, i still need to reimplement that functionality, but i will try to make it a priority (there is a simple solution - it just adds yet another checkbox for users to manage)

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