cmiVFX is looking to hire EXPERT blender artists

cmiVFX is looking to hire EXPERT level blender artists with a various specified skills.

If you specialize in just one portion of the app or more and meet expert level requirements:

please contact chris AT

You might get more interest from people if you explained a bit what you want. What’s your angle? Even more important for most people… What are you paying? :slight_smile:

No offense, but such a very unprofessional way of offering a job opportunity looks suspicious.

Who/what is cmiVFX?
What does it do?
For how long has it existed and what has it done during it’s existance?
Where is your website to be located?
Why/for which goal are you hiring?
What compensations do you offer?
What have you achieved in your existance?
And so on.



I sent you an email,
will be looking for your reply.

He’s trying to avoid the spambots that search for e-mail addresses. a lot of people use AT instead of @ nowadays, 'cause it’s safer.

I think that bigbad has defeated that safety measurement now… :smiley:


heheh, such ownage. Someone comes to the forums to see if people are interested in getting a job for them, and we just have to exloit their information.

Even so, a formal introduction is no more than normal. If you want to be taken serious, you’ll have to take yourself serious and clearly stating who you are and what your goals are is one way of showing that you’re serious. :wink:

Yeah, cause it’s so hard for a spam bot to be programed to read AT, [AT], DOT and [DOT] that everyone uses now… and ahve been using for like the past 2 years?

Dude, do you eat Quaker Instant Bitch for breakfast every morning? All I’m doing is giving the reason that he’s using “AT” instead of @.

Hahahaha, Quaker Instant Bitch.

And im just saying that it isnt safer…

Have you been eating Emo’s don’t like to be quoted & corrected cereal every morning?

Now If I had said “martyj don’t be a fucking moron, spam bots can still pick it up” I could see you’re reasoning to getting emotional, but I didn’t so lighten up, the world isnt out o get you just yet.

Guys, you aren’t being very good ambassadors for Blender now are you. If anyone bothered to go to (thats the domain his email address points to) you would see that it appears to be a very legit company that could do a lot to help promote blender.

It’s all very good pointing out to companies when they come here that they need to look more professional, but when they are legit and they do post a valid URL you just look like immature parrots.

Obviously that might all be a bit complicated for you, but when someone like Ecks takes one of these posts seriously, please think before you post, OK? Here in the off topic forum we do get a lot of trolls like lukus, who don’t really belong on this forum at all, but the rest of you who actually use Blender should remember that this forum is the ‘official’ blender users forum so even if you’re no good at blender you should still try not to make the blender user base look like young children. If the only way you can do this is by not posting, so be it.

Thank you.

You’re right, Benstabler.
But we do get a lot of requests from people who don’t know what they are talking about so we automatically assume that when someone’s request does not look professional, we reject it as being phony.
On a side note, I think we ought to have a seperate board for this kind of requests. The off-topic forum is more a forum to chat, discuss and have fun. I don’t think work and fun are an appropriate combination, so I’m going to suggest this on the Forum board.

And to cmiVFX I apologize for immediatly assuming you were no good. I hope you understand how prone we are to rejecting anything that doesn’t vaguely look like a serious, legit request. I wish you the best of luck in the existance of your company.


Peter Charlesworth

Just watch the threads that moderators lock. We lock stupid ones, and haven’t locked this one :wink: makes ya think.

But yes it was very minimal on the information, so wasn’t a great request for work.


No, I’ve been eating Emo’s don’t like people who have their heads shoved up their ass.

Next time I post something, I’ll just get your approval, shall I? Because if I don’t, I’m sure you’ll just go to the trouble of posting a sarcastic reply, that isn’t really on-topic at all, to let everyone know about my fatal error.

You’re right dude, and it was my intent to be helpful (see my first post), but I get sidetracked so easily, because insults are so much fun. :stuck_out_tongue: Should probably be a bit more helpful.

l am saying is USE CAUTION with this guy.

I wouldn’t

Private messages are private. They have no purpose being disclosed no matter what the content I’m afraid, unless of course you message him first under the grounds that you will be making it public.

All it takes is a call to ev1 net and this site will be shut down untill the private material is removed. your’ll also be making yourself open to a lawsuit on the grounds of libel and so on if this is a legit person.

Every smart person will go to the company house website and do a company search (company house is UK. amercia etc… have their own) and check up on the company name. It’s rare to have a business such as this not regestered as a limited company for liability protection. While this doesnt mean its a legit company, it definatly tell you where the directors live.

Btw, was this interview in person or over ther internet?