Collaborative WIP: David is out!

Hello, dear Blender friends!
I have the pleasure to present to you a collaboration between the great Malhomsi and myself.
As right know Malhomsi is responsible for the concept art, and the props modeling, and I doing the character.
So if you follow us, you will see some character creation, and some modeling to start with, then maybe some rigging, some texturization, some shading, some lighting, and of course some composition.

Here is what it look right now:


Wowo, looks great!! could you post a closeup of the face??

Yes, I can! hehe but have in mind that this is just the initial blocking, it has to improve a lot! look how many stages I go thru to make something decent.

I’m using the silhouette addon more and more, it is so awesome how much it helps!

I did it!!! I learn to make gifs of models and post them in Blenderartists… yes… I know… is not so hard…

Looking good cool with a team up, Will be fun to follow this :slight_smile:

Thanks! yes, we are really excited about this.

Can someone tell me where I can upload a gif with sculpture nudity with the genitalia cover? I can’t upload it anywhere!!!’
Is a gif with this:

I don’t think it is so offensive right?

In the meantime, some advance, The arms, and legs are just primary forms, the torso, and the head have the secondary forms, but just initial work on. So this is an early WIP, no need for critics yet hehe.


hello partener ! nice progresion ! but i’m unable to open the last post attachements !

Thanks, partner! Yes… I hope I’m not been censured…
Yeah is progressing slowly and steady!
I’m thinking in rising up the arms so I can sculpt better the inner part of the shoulder, but I don’t know how to move him properly…

Nice start my man!:RocknRoll: This is going to be great! I also can´t wait to see what happens when mister master-material-magician malhomsi puts his fingers on this!
Regarding rising up the arms: You can try with a lattice but this attempt will hurt both your brain and your emotions unnecessarily or do it with an armature which will waste your time and might waste your nerves. What I like to do instead is: cut off whatever I want to move/scale/rotate and after I did, reattach it (Bool union). I used to do it with the wonderful free sculpt tools addon. Now I use pitiwazous even more wonderful Speedsculpt addon. There are lots of video descriptions for both addons. I use this operation aaaall the time, it becomes fun after while and is super useful, so it´s well worth practising. Hope this helps, keep rockin´!:cool:

Hey! haha I reed this to late haha… I try everything, and at the end I do almost as you said, I use ctrl + alt X (I dont remember if it is a addon, but is like a Boolean tool that cuts things. and then I make a union with boolean modifier, and then clean the mess… anyway, I love the move tool that has Zbrush…
Anyhow I’ll look to the addons you mention, especially the free one first.
Yes I know! malhomsi is a magician! it is going to be astronomical! haha
You are a Great master! epic rocky master! Thanks again!

Initial blocking of the hands and feet, rough, but a good start, those are my second hands and feet that I actually did and the first where a long time ago, and well not worth mention. A lot of this is just new territory for me, but I think I can do it!
Also I just fix some issues with the shoulder, axila, were I cut and reattach the arm.
So, as now, everything is block out, Now I have to take the secondary forms forward, and some minor primary changes.
Hope you like it.
Now I’m in a place where I really appreciate any critic you can give me, just have in mind that I’m following the statue as a Reference, so not anatomical perfections here.

Blocking the secondary forms, I’ll really appreciate some input, critic or anything on him. The hair is just a place holder.

hello tuna and great progress, specally like the feet and hands, I do have some suggestions take them as u want.

I do belive u have some problem with the shape and size of the mouth , as u see in the image, the corner of the mouth is almost at the middle of the eyes ( 2/3 on the middle, ( but yours is at the start of the eyes.

Also think that your upper lips have a to rounded shape and it goes uppwards in the beginingen, The middle of the upperlips goes down in your which is nice but I think its overdone, its to much, and in the bottom lips you have really have shadow beneth it and as u see in the reference images I post here there isent really a shadow there. Cheers , and If u think im wrong then I probly am :smiley:


oh and the upperlips should go past the lowerlips and join together, yours just stop before that happends.which my red line is pointing to

Yes yes! in did!!! very good catch! but he is not a “realistic” character, he is David made by Michelangelo, so he liked to that… I’ll recheck but, look at photos of him, and you will see. Also it may be he is using one of the muscles of the mouth to make like an interesting mouth, how knows!
But yes, if he was a relaxed face, and if he was aim at pure realistic, or naturalism. But man! I like that you can see that, it tells me you are really searching for the right things!!!

Feet are almost done! lets see what do you think!

EDIT: I already found a lot of mistakes… it is good to post to start seen things hehe.

oh dident realize that , well then u are spot on , keep it comming… !! :slight_smile: great work,