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I’ve started work on LayerCollection ids.


Hi Imaginer,

sorry for the late reply, had some time to test now, here is something i noticed in the advanced RTO, in couple of minutes:

Automatic QD enumeration goes into the sub-collection track and then does not continue in the main track.

Other than that, looks good. Perhaps the ‘expand to advanced’ operator (down-arrow) could use a little bit more discrete sign.

As for the horizontal slider, interesting hack. Could work for the time being. Spent some time finding it, perhaps instead of numeric value it could read ‘Slide here’ or ‘Horizontal scroll’ or sth.

Looking forward to see what creative solutions you have to incorporate with this and id’s - I’ll have to think more on this.

Suggestions I’d love to see that I could see and open some flexibility is, the window for collections “m”, if you could scale and also split/expand the window to add additional panel. To clarify, the workspace splitter to add additional panel space.

Pie menu additions are always welcomed. If you wanna get fancy, having a ui interface like speedflow companion for key binds (x,y moveable, color) displaying for ease of use. Being able to control/modify that window more would be excellent. I’m sure this isn’t highest on the list, functionality/optimizes are priority.

One of the main issues I’ve had with the endless addons I’ve tried is when expanding/closing tabs it doesn’t save settings or options you’ve adjusted per window/tab. Having the ability to have quick instance windows like that cleans up so much screen space. That little collection “power window” has so much potential (it’s already super helpful).

At any rate this addon is awesome as is. Thank you, you should put a donation link or Gumroad for your efforts.


Ah sorry, I didn’t bother updating that branch. The bug you mentioned was fixed a while ago.
I only meant for people to test the advanced RTO menu and see if adding a menu there would be helpful.

Yeah, or I could have it come up on click and hold.

Yeah, it isn’t very visible. Good idea.



If only I could. But I can only set the size on popup. Maybe I’ll look into this on the C side after LayerCollection ids are in. There are actually a lot of problems/inconsistencies with popups that are being looked into by main blender devs (see for more info on this).

Sorry, not getting what you’re suggesting here. Sounds like it could turn out to be interesting though.

Pie menus aren’t exactly me :stuck_out_tongue: See my other addon: [Addon] Advanced UI Menus
I’m not familiar with speedflow companion, but maybe something with menus (Pie or otherwise) could get in. Specific proposals are more likely to get implemented than general stuff though :slight_smile: (and it depends on what blender will let me actually do).

Thanks. Yeah, I like stuff that just appears when you need it and doesn’t interrupt your workflow. :slight_smile:

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As for the multi-align option, this is the one i feel most at home :slight_smile: If it counts, +1 from me.

I did bump into a strange artifact in this tests…

On the side note, it still feels like the subcollection indent is a tad too aggressive and could work at 3/4 or so… But that’s just me :slight_smile:

TLDR: I’m trying to display collections and/or properties in your popup windows. Could be used for other tabs, amazing organization.

I’ll check that menus addon out, see how it works with other pie menu stuff I have. Yea the speedflow companion is just a heads up display (+other tools) of the hotkeys in relation to the action your doing, just nice to have a display to refresh the key-binds. My thought was more along the lines of display keys when you open the collections “m” window.

Not trying to sway your focus on the goal of your creation, just something I’ve noticed super ease of use having visual reminders when there’s already 600 hotkeys :wink:. I do like your smaller key map display when hovering on the mini.

Sorry let me try to describe a bit better. Is it possible to divide/split the pop-up window, like you would add another panel normally. To clarify, when you mouse over a seam on the UI and drag another workspace, then change the type etc. I can edit a image to describe if you’d like. Having a split feature like this (similar to interface splitter Addon) Inside a popup window would be priceless for workspace and customization, especially that saves settings/preferences.
If your not wanting to split/mess with that collections panel, possibly a way to open another window to display another tab you select, using the quick favorite or hotkey? I realize that there’s a few other addons that kind of do this but the fast access of your panel is so easy to work with.

Hope this isn’t too much! For me this addon is making it possible to stay in a clean workspace most of the time, it’s so great! All of this is meant to be constructive feedback, I already enjoy it daily.


Good enough for me. Since it’s done anyway I’ll add it to master.

Yeah, I think that triangle is supposed to be under the button.
I did mention that not everything works right in popups. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m not going to change the default skew, but I could make it adjustable in the preferences.


Potentially possible. Where would you put them? Would they be called from a “help” button? (there are too many to be shown in the popup at all times)

Do note that key only hotkeys (e.g. Ctrl-Z) don’t work in a popup. :unamused:

Yep, I feel that. :wink:

Ok, this is clearer. But are you saying you want to embed something like a 3D View into the popup? (While being very cool, I don’t think this is possible)

I think having a button to split the addon into two columns would work. Something would need to be done about window sizing, but it may be possible. I’m still not sure what you’re hoping to put in this split.

Yes. A new window could be called from a button (and if a new window (not a popup) is called I think it could be set to any editor) or a set of tabs could be added to display other things.

Or maybe you want to be able to modify the editor layout from the collection manager?
(Sorry, turns out I’m still confused) :upside_down_face:

After some thought - even if possible, splitting 3d viewport option inside would just get messy unless it’s scalable. I looked into some other collections work and I found this as a example “ Misc Menu - Pop-Up Collection & Modifier “ instead of dragging a new 3d view he used tabs. You having a mini collections and the split window makes your method more visually diverse to quick selections and data.

The idea isn’t specific for a -property tab, it was more or less the option to open port to work with to assist in any changes without having to take more screen space… Example im thinking about modifier tab, properties, scene, asset management, meta data (ngons, tris, quads, edges, faces, color, items, id, etc), undo history timeline (could even have a smarter undo)

Expanding on this undo issue the blender community is having, would it be possible to make a collections “trash bin” (possibly that tab above) that saves and creates a cache of undo movement so we can undo quicker? I have a few ideas on this if it’s possible, definitely above my skill set. This could be extremely useful to literally everyone making more than a few cubes. I know this is a lot larger problem to solve than what it sounds, infinitely deep problem with blender, curious your take on the undo - not sure if you even wanna mess with it.

I checked out your ui addon, I like it, plan to use pieces of it with pie menu editor. Off topic, I saw your post Mesh Silhouette: My first Bmesh Operator - this looks interesting wondering if you ever continued anything with the wireframe smooth compare and silhouette? I use silhouettes in my sculpting, super useful. Sorry for the long post, Thank you.


I’m pretty sure that allowing a user to just stick “something” in isn’t possible – everything needs to be carefully designed and added. I want to keep this addon mainly focused on collections, and while some of this looks interesting, and could fit within that scope, each feature needs to be carefully integrated. One of the things I’m working on currently is full object support (see the object selection and viewing test I posted a while back), so maybe some of what you mentioned will fit in with that.

Not really :stuck_out_tongue:. I want to make sure that undo works in the collection manager window (probably gonna add buttons), but I don’t think adding a custom undo stack/list to the collection manager addon is a good idea. That being said, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on undo, maybe they could be worked into another addon. I am worried that any custom undo stuff could get out of sync with blender’s default undo, so no promises. :slight_smile:

Nice! I haven’t had time to work on it in the last little while because I’ve been working on this, but one day I’ll get back to it.

Just to clarify: I didn’t write that, I just updated it to 2.8. And no, I haven’t done anything else with it and the wireframe statues. But they’re cool and I’m definitely going to play around with them more and use them in something someday. I actually haven’t used blender for about six months because I’ve been developing this :stuck_out_tongue:. The only reason I came across that operator and updated it was because I was trying to help someone on Funny how things work out. :slightly_smiling_face:


A bit of questions I faced when was making screencasts.

  • Filter RTOs popup works on mouseover, while everything else works on click. Is it possible to change its behavior to on click as well? (because it is expected during working with CM)
  • CM updates RTOs list on filter popup is closed - is it a limitation of an addon, perfomance-saving measure, or is it possible to update filtered RTOs in realtime?
  • Users asked about Click-drag (when you press on some button, and then just drag pressed mouse to other buttons) - is it possible for addons?
  • I also have user feedback asking to make the assignment of the M and V keys customizable.
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Hey everyone, @1D_Inc has finished his video on the Collection Manager showcasing its use in production workflows and explaining QCD and Multiref. It’s awesome!


I would prefer that behavior as well, but as far as I know, there is nothing I can do. This appears to be just another example of the inconsistent behavior of stuff in popups.
See for more limitations and the likely root cause (not an exhaustive list)

I believe it’s another limitation of a popup. As far as I know, there is no way to trigger an update in realtime for this. Again, I’d like to do this too, so if anyone knows how this can be accomplished (even the illegal redraw timer doesn’t work) I’d love to know.

Addons, yes. This addon, not really. Click-drag only works on property ui elements, what we have are operator ui elements that I’ve made work similarly to property ui elements. It’s designed this way to allow for the hotkeys (which properties don’t allow). So if we want to allow for that we would need to do something like a menu beside them for the advanced actions.

M and V keys are customizable. They’re regular keymaps that can be set in blender’s preferences.

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Thank you for the answer, it is interesting to know)

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Zip Update:

  • Added an option to align local rtos and operators to the right.
  • Added a line separator between each collection.
  • Added a depth first renumber option. (35.3 KB)


A question from user - can QCD widget be placed closer to the center of the panel?

Technically yes, it is possible to do this, but it’s not a good idea. The standard way of adding something to a header (or a panel) is to append or prepend a draw function to it (that’s what I do currently, I append a custom draw function). So doing this will make your addition show up on either the left or right screen edge. To position your stuff in the center you would have to override the header’s original draw function with a duplicate function that has a call to your draw function in the middle. This means that you would have to keep your duplicate draw function up to date with blender’s original draw function and also that any addon that employs the same technique will wipe out your addition and vice versa.

If your user wants to do this for some in-house setup where they have control over everything and don’t mind maintaining something like this, then I could walk them through it if they want.

I updated the diff for LayerCollection IDs. It now works for all View Layers and is much closer to being functionally complete, whether the main devs are happy with my implementation, well, we’ll just have to wait and see :stuck_out_tongue:
And I found a bug in the Collection Manager while I was at it :wink:
For more info see

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