Collection Manager Feedback

Hi All,
My Collection Manager addon is now in official blender and I’m looking for feedback. You can download a daily build to test it (or get one of the zips that I’ll update semi-regularly here), and the development task is T69577.

The Collection Manager can be found in the 3D View (Object Mode) by pressing the M key.
It’s also available from the Object->Collection menu.
And there are fairly extensive tooltips to help you find your way around the interface.
For QCD there is a widget in the 3D View header and a popup widget that can be called by pressing the V key. (Also available from Object->Collection)

For an exhaustive list of all hotkeys see the development task: T69577.

Note: Many of the buttons have additional functions when a modifier key is pressed. See the tooltips for a list of functions and their key combinations.

Any and all feedback, bug reports, feature requests, or anything else is appreciated.

Collection Manager:



Present in Blender 2.93: (44.9 KB)

Current Development (will go into Blender 3.0+): (45.6 KB)

NOTE: All zips will work with any version of Blender 2.80+. Headings only indicate which version of Blender they will be included with by default.

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Adding a zip file here for people that don’t have/use nightly builds.
Tests and suggestions welcome!


Thanks @Meta-Androcto. Good idea.

its really cool , i tried it , its good to most of all the controls of outliner on viewport , i like it ,

Few suggestions ,

  1. after pressing " Add collection" button , it should bring the selection to newly created collection and go directly into editing of that collection name , right now it stays on the first collection

  2. delete layer button should be on the far right side , because i accidentally pressed it while turning on/off collection in render …

these two are the main things i noticed , but indeed its a very useful addon

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That’s somewhat difficult because of the way UILists handle selection. Also not sure about the name thing whether it’s possible currently. I’ll keep them both in mind, but they’re low priority for now unless there’s a lot of interest. Good ideas, though.

I think putting it on the far right side would get really unwieldy for large amounts of nesting when the window gets really wide, but we can’t have people accidentally pressing it. I’ll put in a spacer or two so it’s not so close and see if that fixes it.

Thanks for testing it out and providing feedback.

Hi, thank for you this addon.
This is good and useful, because I have a scene which has so many collections and I need to turn on/off it in case by case.
Could you make the dialog of the addon resizable and save it as a default size of the dialog?
And in the outliner, piriod key show its location in the outliner after selecting object, this function is good.
I want these functions.

Anyway, I hope that you improve this addon and your success.
Thank you!

Glad it’s useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your suggestions are good, but unfortunately, blender’s api (to my knowledge) doesn’t allow that functionality at present.

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@draguu Well, your suggestions niggled at me, so I tried implementing them and found a python api bug in the process. So I’ve implemented what’s currently possible.

New collection is selected on add.
Remove collection button has moved to the far right side. (8.3 KB)

Silly question… I activated the addon, but i cannot find it in UI. Where is it after activating?

Nope! Not a silly question! I totally forgot to put this in all of my descriptions, doh.
It’s in a popup in the 3D View that’s called via the M key.

Fixing now. Thanks.

oh Got it !! Nice addon very useful

Wonderful! And thanks. :slight_smile:


Fixes for exclusion toggle behaviour.
Added the shortcut to the location field of the addon’s info in preferences (8.4 KB)

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Great work Imaginer. I have a scene with lots of collections and I would love to organize the collections by dragging some of these and make them sub-collections of others, etc… If your addon could include drag-and-drop that would be a really nice feature.

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As to drag and drop, blender doesn’t allow that currently, but that may change soon (T67893). When it becomes possible I’ll look into adding it; however, in the meantime I may look at allowing reorganization cut/paste style.


Sync UI List selection to active collection.
Fix bug with operators and the undo stack. (8.6 KB)

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Thanks Imaginer. Great work

Your welcome! :grinning:


Added a new “Phantom Mode” to mimic the “Restore on quit” functionality requested in T69577.
Note: I’ve put in some safeguards, but it may still be able to get out of sync and do weird stuff if you make changes outside the collection manager while in phantom mode. (9.3 KB)

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Oh, it’s good idea!