Collection Manager Feedback

Great add-on :star_struck:
I have created an add-on with a similar concept before, but your add-on is better.
(My add-on could not display the hierarchy)

I made some edits to make your add-on better.

ver1.3.1 Bookyakuno.ver

Download (9.8 KB)


  • Menu simplification
    • Omitted parts that can be understood by icons such as collection addition and enabled status
    • Reduced space for a UI
  • Consolidate operators at the top of the menu
  • Move display and object movement to the left
    • Frequently used items are placed on the left so that they can be easily identified as close to the collection name
    • I easy to get familiar with the arrangement like Photoshop layers
  • Show number of objects in collection
  • When a collection is hidden, the collection is dimmed
    • Current problem: Cannot determine “disable viewport”
if laycol ["ptr"]. hide_viewport: = False


Keymap that works in all modes

I want to have access to collection switching in any state.
Currently, the M key is the main keymap,
If you try to set the M key in other modes,
It conflicts with switching to bone layers in Pose mode or mask brushes in sculpt mode.

I need to find an alternative keymap that is easy to push and uniform across all modes, but I have no idea.

Insert lines to improve visibility

(The image is a menu of self-made add-ons)

Visibility improves if each collection is separated by a box.
I tried to implement it, but it didn’t work with UIlist.
Normally, you can create a grid by putting a line with a box and eliminating the gap between the boxes with col align = True.
Probably because you have to use col from outside the UIlist.

col = layout.column(align=True)
box =
box.scale_y = .6
box.scale_x = .8


Bookyakuno, I like the way you rearranged the interface, however I have an issue with your version, I wonder if you could check what might’ve caused that? When I create a new document, all the top buttons are disabled:

If I install the original 1.3.0, run it, Add collection buttons aren’t greyed out. The interesting thing is that if I install the 1.3.1 after 1.3.0 the buttons become enabled (till I create or open a new sene)

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exactly, that is happening with me too

ver1.3.2 (Bookyakuno ver) Bug fixes and menu minor changes

Download (9.8 KB)

Release notes


  • Added option to adjust maximum width
    • Maximum width when there is a deep hierarchy collection
    • Since it does not change in real time, please display again


  • Default maximum width changed from 20 to 0
    • Adjust the maximum width setting for scenes that require deeper display
  • Changed top button layout slightly
  • Made the buttons a little thicker so that it is easy to press the icon alone

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that the buttons on the upper menu could not be pressed
  • Fixed a bug that the menu placed on the left of the list was shifted
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Sorry. One unnecessary line was the cause.
I was distribute ver1.3.2 with this problem fixed and some changes.

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Fixed a bug with filtering where it wouldn’t pick up a name change until after you closed and recalled the popup.

Made filtering case-insensitive. (9.9 KB)




“hide viewport” is:


“disable viewport” is:


'Cause that’s not confusing at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting. I may incorporate some of your ideas.




  • Added full view layer support to restoration/isolation toggles and refactored their histories to facilitate this. (Ironically, blender seems to have a bug in 2.81 with view layers and toggles)
  • Fixed a bug with histories not being properly saved/restored in some toggles.
  • Added invert functionality to the restore toggles when you Shift-Click.
  • Updated Tooltips to be more consistent and explanatory. (10.2 KB)


How to move objects to a collection?

Simply select the objects you want to move and press this button: image on the collection you want to move them to.


Thank you very much

Your welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the cub icon does’t represent move to? I think there are way better icon for move.

Well, it’s not supposed to represent move to. It’s there to indicate which collections your selected objects are in, and to allow you to add or remove them from the collection.

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Add basic toggle children functionality.
Add Filter By Selected functionality. (10.7 KB)


Update! The Collection Manager has been accepted into the upcoming 2.82 release!

And here is a new version to test out.

Add isolation toggle highlighting.
Fix bugs associated with isolation toggle highlighting and Phantom mode.
Small cleanup of a missed print statement. (12.2 KB)


Fixed bug with toggle buttons broken after leaving Phantom Mode.
Fixed bug with rto history not being properly restored after leaving Phantom Mode. (12.3 KB)


Unless any major bugs are found, here is a zip of the version that will be in the official release of 2.82. :grin:

Bugs fixed/polish added since the last zip:
Fixed the popup window’s auto-sizing when it’s first opened.
Fixed an error when popping up info notices.
Simplified the remove operator.
Fixed a minor error regarding selection.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback/reported bugs. Now it’s on to 2.83. :slightly_smiling_face: (12.5 KB)


Updated the development task (T69577) to better suit ongoing development and keep track of planned and potential features.

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Update for 2.82:

Fixed tooltip for local render RTO.
Fixed bug with isolate/restore state when there is only one RTO to restore. (12.5 KB)

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