Colormate - Color Harmony and Palette Manager

Colormate makes color work in the Blender shader graph easy and fast. It calculates color harmonies right inside blender making copying and pasting hex codes or rgb values a thing of the past. Through solid support of many popular color palette formats you can import and manage color palettes from Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Krita and Gimp.


  • Color Palette import (.aco, .acb, .ase, .gpl, .kpl, .csv)
  • Realtime Color Harmony calculation (mathematical and perceptive)
  • Docks right in the Shader Node editor
  • Drag & Drop colorswatches right
  • Editing of color, colornames, ordering in palettes
  • Color Library that gets saved with the blender scene in the file
  • Color Library that persists between scenes and files
  • Library Listview for efficient editing and organizing of palettes
  • Library Gridview for fast access


Colormate works on Blender 2.8+




If you encounter any problems with the addon you can contact me at [email protected]


Thanks for the nice add-on! It works well, and I will use it to design colorramps for a while.
In case you see ever a chance to make sort on value possible, of imported palettes, that would be awesome. In my colorramps, the colors with lowest value (as in HSV) needs to be on the left. So sorting that first, would save quite some time.

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Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad you enjoy the addon. A sorting button shouldn’t be that hard to implement and I will look into that. I might do a small update with your feature this week if I have the time.

I’m planning a larger update to the addon but at the moment I am still researching if it is possible to implement it with the restrictions the blender python API imposes.

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Hi! Here’s a short demonstration of the features added in the latest update (v1.0)

Features added:

  • Sorting the ColorLibrary by value/brightness
  • Creating ColorRamp-Nodes from a selected Range of Colors

Existing Customers will receive the updates via E-mail.
If you’re interesed in the addon head on over to Blendermarket to get it.

Problems? Questions? Suggestions? Contact us at [email protected].

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Ohh, awesome! Just what I wanted. Using the addon all the time.

Heyo, Here’s another short video detailing the features and fixes added in update v1.1

Features added:

  • Ability to dock the colormate panel where you need it (Node Editor and/or 3D View)
  • Improvements for the Gridmode search; immediate filtering while typing and non case sensitive matching
  • More robust import of different file formats and better error reports and warning message during import process

Existing Customers will receive the updates also via E-mail.

Problems? Questions? Suggestions? Contact us at [email protected].

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Hi @nidus
Thanks for the update. I didn’t get a notification by e-mail, and most of the time I receive e-mails from Blender Market when creators update their product and sent out e-mails. Just let you know.

hi @Peetie,
I sent an email via the Blendermarket dashboard, it’s marked as sent there. Maybe it ended up in your spam? I don’t have any options to resend or see if that email actually reaches customers.

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Yes, I know we can’t see it. I frequently check my spam folder and I received udpates from Bchart and AutoRig Pro for example. It’s ok to me because I frequenlty check all my orders and check if there is an update. I have the impression that I didn’t receive e-mail sometimes.