Coming soon Blender Chi book

I’m in the process to make a books about all the technique and research on modeling i have acquires in those two years… lots of technique about topology, Anime face topology, moving poles, everything i have learned…:eyebrowlift:
all tutorial will be high quality and advanced like step by step.

  • Mastering the skin modifier the correct way to work whit the skin modifier and some tricks i have learned

  • Modeling whit vertex groups and material groups various technique and some advanced trick on retopology, polygon flow etc…:eyebrowlift:

    I will add information as i’m progress in the books…

Mastering Skin Modifier Hands…!

wow quit interesting and quit unique hands,

And also People will ALWAYS recommend this book to those that wish to learn about Chi power and Chi Healing Energy and much, much more.

Those that read this book are taken out of this everyday world -while this world seems to focus on the things that will soon be gone and od not matter -those thatlearn the miracles of Chi energy, experience a world FULL of possibilities , where there is MORE than what meets the eye.

Master Skin Modifier creature hands setup

Looks good!

This looks pretty interesting I would definitely would like to get to know how to use the skin modifier better.

I think it is funny that you are writing a book but you can not even spell Blender correctly in the title of this thread.:stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha this is an fingertyping error i’m not good at english but a friend is going to write all content for the book I’m planing to donate half the money to Develop some amazing tools i have in mind, this book is not only a modeling book technique but This book will be a work of art in composition, design, layout, lots of character concept, I introduce the concept of templates in a very creative way…:eyebrowlift:

Exploring characters concept through the skin modifier, WINGS, TAILS, CLOTH, HOLE and more…

SkinMod. Asset modeling…! blender is niceeeeeeeeee…!

SkinMod… Asset modeling 02

Mastering the skin modifier_ topology flow

Mastering SkinMod… Armor progress

Small Armor update

yo, this is amazing! How much would it cost?

looks promising! good luck.

Mastering SkinMod… spaceship WIP, this weekend i’m going to upload a preview of the book layout

Eyes topology flow

Looks good! :smiley: It will be an e-book I suppose? How much will it be?