Community project: Blender demoreel!!!

(endi) #1

I think, we need a professional demoreel to show Blender to the world. I find many good works in this forum, and I think, we can make a 5-10 minutes demoreel with scenes, pictures, animations.
What do you think?
I can make simple anims with my works ( ). (I can make anims with only moving cameras - I can’t make anims with bones etc.)

(garbager) #2

Hi, I’m working on an animation projecct, and I’ll be excited about making it part of a demo reel to promote Blender, but for the moment, I have no time. I’ll be able to help you in february.

(kaktuswasse) #3

great idea! We just would have to collect all the really good things and make some camera-movements / animations with 'em.

cya henrik

(Zweistein) #4

Greatest idea ever :wink: Yeah i will gove my models/pictures/movies too.

(belac) #5

you can talk about it all you want and say i’ll give my stuff, but lets get some organization. lets make an official post and set it up in contest form. decide how many animations you want, and how many stills you want. have people post their submissions under a certain catagory and let the community vote in what they want in the demoreal. then have a team take all of the stuff and put togethter the demo reel.

just a suggestion.


(kaktuswasse) #6

naaahhh… just take the best stills and animations ever made. :smiley:

cya henrik

(endi) #7

Maybe we need an ftp where we can upload our idea-anims…
And we need somebody to organize the project.

And we need to specify the resolution for example.

And the style is important. I think we need “realistic part”, “artistic part” etc.
An idea: technical part, that show Blender features. For example: rotating wire frame modell fading to rotating subdived wireframe modell… fading to gourad-shaded etc. etc…

(slikdigit) #8

Its a cool idea! Too bad I don’t have anything good enough. Maybe I’ll have something for the next one though (of course, there will be a next one, right? )

(bmax) #9

yawn…what are we talking about? :stuck_out_tongue:

(belac) #10

Stevet and I can probably organize and put together the final product… we’re farily experienced with the whole blender and video production stuff.

so if people come up with some catagories, and we can set up a system for submission and voting.

some possible catagories:

general stills

take the top 10 animations and take clips from them. the top 5 games and ‘video screenshot’ of sorts. the top 10 photoreals, top 20 general stills, the top 10 cartoon, and the top 10 artistic/abstract… and other catagories that might be considered if people suggest something.

i think that would come to about 5-7 minutes…


(S68) #11

I think this is a good idea too, and I think I can contribute with any of my animation you would like to include, but I also think this topic doesn’t fit in the Finished Project Forum :slight_smile:


(endi) #12

We need an ftp with this directories:

  1. ideas (text files with ideas and low resolution anims)
  2. anims (middle resolution anims)
  3. pictures
  4. blend files (if you want to share your blend files)

Example work for “ideas” folder:

So the format is: NameOfAuthor_TitleOfWork.extension.

Or we can make subfolders for authors.

(belac) #13

i agree that this is in the worng forum Stefano, but this is where it was started so…

i have enough bandwidth to do an ftp setup… i will get it set up with similar folders to what you are speaking of and we can then make a post with the restricted username and pasword and the rules for engagement.

endi, since this was your idea :slight_smile: you and i should e-mail back and forth and get some rules written up. give me a weak to get things set up though… i have exams next week.

i’ll continue to watch this forum for ideas though.

(stephen2002) #14

hey everybody, sounds like a great idea.

If you want, you can post your things for submission into this Demo Reel thing over at my forums. 15MB attachments should be plenty for all of the videos/images. For the games, maby I will set up a separate area (the current forum structure dosn’t allow .exe uploads to make it safe, however I could allow .blend uploads)

I set up a thread here:

This should be more secure than an FTP space, especially if you post the username/pass out in the open. If you have some particular rules that you would like me to add, let me know (or e-mail me: [email protected]).

(shibbydude) #15

Very good idea. If I can help, contact me.

(Ecks) #16

Hi endi! I don’t have time to read all the reply but here what I can propose:

As the major part of the people around elysiun know, I’m working on a movie project called The Exodus ( ) and we are plannning to release a first trailer around January. I didn’t talk to the other member, and I have to do this before telling you that I’m in, but I think maybe we could send you some " ground battle" scene (We will have, well I think, the biggest ground battle ever made with blender so…hehe) so you can put some scene in your demoreel :wink: I 'll talk to you later…bye!

([email protected]) #17

hi endi,

a demoreel is a great idea :smiley: ,

but,i agree with belac we do need to be organized, and have someone
take the lead, (my vote goes to Endi, …if you have the time)

also we do need a place to get together on this and stephen2002
has offered up some space at his site (Thanks,stephen),

but maybe we could ask Kib for a new, temperary, forum here at
elysiun, its more likely that the forum would be seen by more people, theres lotsa old blenderheads around and maybe sittin on some
great files we have never seen ( Hiroshi, shige, ton…)

speaking of Ton, maybe whens theres enough content we should ask him to make the chose of what makes it and what dont.

and, it would feel like more of a contest then a project,


(stephen2002) #18

and, it would feel like more of a contest then a project,

That is why I stuck it up under contests on my site. I can also provide a separate forum for the disscussion and planning on my site if the need is there.

(kerosene) #19


yeah. great idea! i’d love to spend some of my works (if they are good enough to present the power of blender… heh).
i’m not that much into anims, but i’ve got a lot of s(t/k)ills… g

(belac) #20

the reason why i wanted to do the ftp is because it would be one less trasfer then what we will have now, but that’s ok… we can work it our from here. thank you for offering your site stephen.

ton could have a say, i envisioned more of a community vote, but ideas are good so no worries, we’ll figure that out later. a forum on elysiun would be good… but i think that if we set up an anouncement here that link to stephens we would be good. we can also post an announcement at (maybe) and get som ehits from there too.

i will post some rules later today… and i’ll e-mail you stephen and we can set up the forum quite nicely to handle this!

its shapping up and it should come out very nicely in the end!