Competition Entries Pack [download added!]

I have the package up in a temporary place so people can enjoy it. The pdf pack is a separate download in case any changes are necessary, then the entire pack will not need to be reuploaded xD

Game Pack: <-New download link from (thanks Ideasman42!)

PDF Pack :

Please post feedback so I can improve upon it. Also feel free to keep checking those PDFs, I kept things separate so they can be changed :wink:

–Old message kept for consistency–
I have been working on compiling a pack of all the recent BGE competition entries. In this pack I have all the games (of course), and a pdf for each game containing mostly the submission post. Right now I have run into a bit of a problem though. The current pack is 1.33gb uncompressed. The best I have been able to compress it is to about 700mb with 7z. This will take a couple hours to upload, and from there I don’t know how well distribution will work. If any one has any ideas, let me know. So far I have gone with blends when I had the choice for download (since they are smaller than exe’s). I also deleted any blend1 files that I could find (DukDuk had a 70mb blend1 file).

I want to give everyone who entered a chance to review the pdf file associated with their game. So I have uploaded the pdfs, the link will be below. If you entered the competition please look over the pdf. If you have any changes you want me to make, just post here or pm me. You may want to double check any links in the pdf, not sure if I got them all working yet.

Here is the link to the PDFs

You could upload it in waves ie 1/3 in one file, 1/3 in another, and the last 1/3 in the next. Anyways, could you upload in .zip format? Not 7zip like you said you did.

my PDF is OK (House Walkthrough).

Good idea on the download pack,

my pdf is good too.

jplur, which game is yours?

Right now I am trying to zip the pack into 3 parts as recommended by mokazon.

edit: never mind jplur, its in your sig :stuck_out_tongue: .

There are 2 “Ruinas” PDF xD
keep only the “Ruinas2.0.pdf” ^^
and my pdf is ok too xD

Don’t know how I managed to get two in there :stuck_out_tongue:

Took out Ruinas.pdf.

Thanks for replying!

DukDuk is fine. Thank you very much.

Thanks grsaaynoel for replying.

It was suggested that the PDFs and the Games be uploaded as separate packages, and I agree. Since I was able to get much better compression with 7z than zip, the game package will be uploaded as a .7z. Since the PDF package is small, I will keep it as a zip. I also have a place to upload it. Right now I am waiting to figure out some problems with 10 Worlds of Tux. Blendiac had some characters in folder and filenames that windows does not like, and this has been causing some issues. I have contacted him via pm.

Hopefully this will be up and ready soon.

edit: I was able to extract the game by renaming contents while it was still in the zip. I am compressing the package right now. It will take about an hour to upload after that.

It’s great! :wink: (Burning Rubber)
Good idea to put them in a pack, I reckon 3 parts sounds good.

Nanoshooter’s PDF looks fine. Thanks for doing this Kupoman.

This sounds like a great idea.
Will it include runtimes for each platform, or just windows, or just .blends?

Bumper Derby’s is fine. Thanks!

Thanks for replying everyone.

When given the choice I went for blends on the downloads. Most of the games are EXEs, and some are blends. If you want to get a different version of the game than was provided, the links should be in the pdf. To start with I will be uploading it as one file. If this does not work out well, then I will think about splitting it up. The games and the pdfs will be uploaded separately.

I had to move my contest entry to this: was being weird, so I moved it to my newly-acquired domain name.

Hope that’s ok!


TheSambassador: I updated the Cube pdf to reflect the new download link, any other changes you would like me to make to it?

Why do you have to upload with 7zip? X(

7z offers much better compression (675mb versus 900mb). Since you can’t install 7zip, try using it in a portable fashion. See if this works:

Just extract the folder and run the EXE. Should not require installation.

Stress Games looks good.
Nice idea, one gig worth of blender realtime is pretty sweet!

Actually it is 1.3gb uncompressed :wink:

I am having issues uploading to a blender area at the moment, so I am uploading to my own domain for now. It should be done uploading in about half an hour.