Concept car "K1"


More cars…however this time it’s my own design!
I Draw some sketches and started to model so I kinda knew what I wanted to make. It’s supposed to be mid engined super car with a mix of more rounded and sharp forms. And I try to think better name for it than “K1” (that’s stated as “Kori 1” or in english “Body 1”.

Basic shape is there but it needs more defining and the front end is still in very early stages as I’m not sure how I want it to look. Also the wheels are my own design and I call the “branch rims” as those look like branches…kind of.

EDIT. Progress so far:


Dam that is pretty

Looks gorgeous. One thing I should note is that the column appears to be perfectly straight, with no curve to it. Doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the design. However, other than that it is amazing! i love the almost fin-like detail to the top of the taillights.

what I like about modern
mid engined super car
is the concave shape over their engine ( because they have plenty of space to waste ),
and the smooth floor (large turning radius allows to shrink-wrap the floor around the wheels).

Lovely! Good luck on the rest of it. :slight_smile:

Great, sleek design! I like the rims as well, nice work so far! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys!

More modeling and defining.
The front end is still a mess and the back hood cover needs thinking though. Now it’s just a idea to make more of it…Maybe some modern “back blinds” /ventilation cover (or what the hell are those called?) as in Miura could work?

And this really feels like this is handcrafted. So much things to adjust vertice by vertice without distorting the form intended.


Damn Icon… that’s a very cool design. I’ll definitely look forward to see what you continue to do to this.

Those rims are incredible. The body has a nice “swept back” feel to it, which suggests speed :smiley:
Well done so far man.

Thats some pretty fast modeling you did! nice concept, it somehow reminds or makes me think about batman? perhaps the rough form of the car looks like his mask??? i dont know

Hey thanks man! We’ll see.

Oh thank you! Happy to see someone likes those. :smiley:

Happy that you mentioned it. I actually thought “batman” when I was sketching this one up! :smiley:
Maybe it’s something about those back “fins” or something. Concept have to have something wild to make the difference IMO.

Humm…pretty cool–sleek. So what look are you going for? Sports car/concept I’m guessing?

Thanks! Yeah. Mid-engine supercar concept. We’ll see what kind of beast it’s going to be. :slight_smile:

This is a gorgeous model so far!

Some ideas in Photoshop. Maybe some fabric on the back where the led’s can shine through and some plastic trim to give it some character. Also some big air intake on the roof…could be a bad choice as thinking of the aerodynamics, but what I would know about that…
Maybe some gull-wing doors.


Com’on go ahead!
Killer design!

This is looking crazy good! I want one :wink:

i want one too, FANTASTIC job so far.


i want one too now! :smiley:

about the aerodynamics, putting a reasonably flat intake / hole in the back should be fine, as long as it doesnt stick out :wink:

Thanks everyone! Yeah. Not too much knowledge about aerodynamics. Just some basic information. But I stick with designing something that could work and looks good.
Modeled front end a bit. I guess I’m on to something here. Needs defining and need to do something about that front splitter/whatever that is.