Cone step mapping

Ok, it’s a feature suggestion to blender.
As far as I know there are no official support for parallax mapping in blender (you can make one yourself and there is an example right here: Parallax shader with Silhouette Clipping for Blender 2.8 Eevee and Cycles )
but I hear there is a (edit:ok not new but new to me! ) technique called Cone step mapping that is far superior to parallax.
documented here I think:
example of Cone step mapping:

Could we have that in blender? I was going to suggest this in right click select but right now it gives me 503 error.

This will look very good in eevee.

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From a casual look at your links I gather that this technique is about 10 years old. What gives you the impression that it is new? Or is it an ahead-of-its-time thing and you’ve seen signs of it starting to appear in practical/production applications?

I think a BGE guy made a shader that did something similar once.

The thing is, there’s no application I know of that can generate the required texture map (it neither uses a normal map nor a height map). Sourcing textures might be tricky.

ok it’s not new but it’s new to me (like ray tracing that was new to me 10 years ago but it was made around 40 years before I was born). And my main point is don’t you like to see it in blender?

@Ace_Dragon well they are using it so there must be a way to bake it. maybe it’s a vector map? but if it’s implanted you can bake it somehow.

Try this…

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