"Constructing parts" in videos, putting peices of a model togeather, how?

When we see a video of a motor cycle or fighter jet or what ever having “all” its parts being pieced together, do they do that by hand animation or is there a plugin(s) used ?

Example: In the beginning of this…

I think you mean the Explode Modifier. Go to:
Objects > Quick Effects > Quick Explode and you have a starting setup.

Check out animation nodes, it’s a very popular add on for motion graphics and the kind of stuff you’re talking about.

Hey @MarioPeper i added an example to my main post. Don’t think that Quick Explode is what im after, thanks tho.

Will check it out @LG_787 been on the list for a while, but being new to blender, didnt want to fall into “the plugins” rabbit hole.

Was kind of hoping it could be used for “snapping” objects together, like they do in CAD programs (which is alittle different then blender does). Couldn’t image doing all that by hand… seen a motorcycle posted here acouple months ago with the same effect… so many parts.

This might help.

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And this is my effort doing the tutorial.

lol… thats one of the more funner things ive seen on here :+1: the sound effects have me rolling.
Dont have time right now, but will check out the tut, thanks for the info and laugh !

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :+1:
Glad to be of help . :grinning: