Fighter Jet: Moon-Hawk

Hello everyone, I finished making my aircraft “Moon-Hawk”

Please check its assembling video!

This is plane functionally. Although I have made several cars but few planes, so Moon-Hawk has some car-like features. For example, this vehicle has a lot of huge doors like Pagani Huayra.

By the way, I tried to design its airfoil-based rough model, This shape helped me a lot to make this vehicle looks like a plane, which needs to generate lift.

In the end, I’ll show you a secret of this Moon-Hawk fighter jet. First of all, this fighter was made in a PS3 game “Little Big Planet 2”, That’s the reason why this design is divided like





Really nice presentation!

Not sure i understood the end proerply. This was created in a game on a ps3 using little big planet… hahaha thats a joke right

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Little Big Planet is a game which has “creative mode”. I made this jet there. Sorry for my bad writing and Thank you for seeing! :slight_smile:

Thank you for featuring! :smile:

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The mechanics are absolutely fabulous .
Nice work :sunglasses:

Yeah… this is really cool. Question, during the video you assemble the air craft (like others do with moto cycles, car engines, what ever), how do you do it, all by hand animation or is there a plugin for this ?

Stunning image and then I see the animation. WOW!

All by hands. :weary:


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

That’s an amazing details level! Wonder about the polycount of the whole thing.

That was dope

amazing stuff Wanoco! Congrats on top row! Your work is always so nice.

Nice. You don’t by any chance read Dean Koontz do you?

2,664,444 tris :rofl: You can check numbers like polycount in the last of the video.

Looks awesome, but shadows…

Truly awesome @wanoco4D! Would love to see how you made those engine glows! They are fantastic!

by simple emission shader :slight_smile: I put keyframes on its [strength]

Absolutely AMAZING work!

I really don’t want to think about the process of
unwrapping all of jet parts :slight_smile: