Control Naming of Exported Collections & Linked Files to FBX

Didn’t seem to be a better section for this and was unable to find any previous answers to this question. See threads here for similar issues:

Mismatched Object names in FBX
Exporting Linked Collections with Proper Names

None of these issues have proper answers, which is why I am posting here (also, why is there no export, collection, fbx, etc, tags?! How does anyone find specific info on these in the forums…)

I am trying to create a Master .blend file with a bunch of linked collections but the naming is really messed up when it is exported. I am simply interested in a hierarchical project structure with linked files for use in a team environment, such that each person can be working on a separate blend file which is linked in the main file for export. Please do not try and suggest a radically different organization methods unless they fulfill these requirements.

When linked elements are exported to FBX, they get a suffix added: “_L_filename.blend”
Is there a way to avoid this, aside from making the linked items local?

although glTF doesn’t seem to have this problem, FBX has wider support generally so I would prefer to use it as a file format if possible.

I am just curious why there is essentially zero control over this standard for FBX exports in blender.