Convert Maya .mb to .obj w/o maya for use in Blender

I used to model in Maya, and since I’ve completely switched to Ubuntu (32-bit) I’m still trying to get the hang of using Blender. This is one heck of a learning curve. I knew Maya pretty well and was getting pretty good in it. Now that I’m in Blender and I’ve learned a few things I’d like to import some old Maya files I have backed up on a flash drive. I was wondering if there is any possible way I can import these files to Blender in Ubuntu since I no longer have windows or Maya.

I haven’t found much info online, but I figured I’d ask here. At which point my search for this information will end most likely.

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.OBJ perhaps? beacuase if it says .blend it’ll work in any blender on any program. but from maya to blender? try to use an .obj.

Well I have no way to convert the current scene files and they are all saved as .mb

You will need some comercial software that can read the ma/mb files to convert them. But then, it would be easy to ask someone who have Maya, to convert the files.
Or maybe someone knows a free open source program that can read and convert mb/ma files to other 3d formats?!

Sorry… i know that was not the answer you were wainting for …

Okay… I just found people saying there is a way possible to convert maya to blender. they said that maya does have an .obj built in.

“Maya has an OBJ importer/exporter built in. The original creators of Maya made the format in the first place. You need to switch it on in the plugin manager before you can use it though (look for “OBJexport.mll” in the list).” CheeseOnToast

Slipknot66 - Thanks for the help, will hope someone knows a way.

McThingy - I know Maya has the option built in I’ve used it before. But I no longer have Maya, or Windows, which means I have no way to convert the file using Maya. I’m looking for a way to convert the file(s) within Ubuntu.

wowza… that might now be possible then unless you have maya… or if someone has a converter online. I have both ubuntu and windows and it doesnt seem possible on either.

This is a long way around the issue, but try installing Oracle VM virtual box from the software centre, then install Windows using an .iso image (from computer or dvd) then once installed try installing Maya and see if you can get it to run, then if you can import your files and export them to .obj, then email them to yourself.

That is the long way around the problem, but I don’t know of any file converters that can take .ma or .mb formats. You could always ask people on CGtalk if they would convert them for you, theres a much better chance of people over on that forum having Maya installed.

That might work too! :slight_smile:

Polytrans and deep exploration can convert ma and mb files. Both are proprietary Windows programs…
I know that both require 3ds max installed to readwrite .max files as they run it as a background process.

Maya may be required too for those to work…

Your best bet might be a file conversion website.