(ArcHWiZ) #1

2500 Samples with Cycles about 5 min on GTX 1080
rlly small project, no desire for large interior projects
some textures from poliigon

(WeakFredo) #2

You nailed the cookie goodness of it.

Convincing render.

(Joshua Reimer) #3

You nailed those cookies, but I feel like you’re missing an obligatory glass of milk :wink:

(ArcHWiZ) #4

thank you

the glass of milk would be too much stereotype, for me :smiley:


Look like the cookies have a blue reflective light on them. Maybe you could reduce the reflectiveness of the cookies. They look a little bit too shiny.

Not a bad job, better than what I have ever done. Now that I have my stylus I can start practicing. And then practice with photorealism.

(ArcHWiZ) #6

thanks, i like the blue cast a lot :slight_smile:
the rougness is 0,9 so not rlly reflective ^^

(ibotpl) #7

That looks photo realistic. Well done!

(ArcHWiZ) #8

thank you :slight_smile:

(Bart Veldhuizen) #9

They look delicious, #featured! :tada:

(Dimitris Chloupis) #10

“Oreo” in Greek means “beautiful” or “very good”


Your Oreo is very Oreo :smiley:

(Tedri Mark) #11

Wireframes or GTFO!


Amazing render!

(Viktor) #12

yummy, now bake them :plate_with_cutlery:

(Christoph Werner) #13

Love it! Great work! :+1:

(Stephen Cameron) #14

Wow, your Oreos look good enough to eat. Well done.
I feel that the box in the background was unnecessary - my reason being that your cookies already stand on their own as REAL, so no need to tell the audience “these are Oreos”. Hope that makes sense.

(I can only make cubes) #15

Brah, don’t listen to him. These look photorealistic to perfection. Amazing job.

(I can only make cubes) #16

Plus, don’t Oreos just come in a plastic packaging wrap?

(djwaterman) #17

You captured the very essence of the Oreo.

(ArcHWiZ) #18


thank you all :slight_smile:

just for you

for me the package gives the scene more depth :slight_smile:

(Iridesium) #19

Well done @ArcHWiZ! I have a sweet tooth now!

(ArcHWiZ) #20

thank you :slight_smile: