Cool Survival Horror Project... team of at least 8 people

Hello blenderartists,

Right now I am planning to do a survival horror game demo using Unity3d and Blender. I have already started a simple testscene where the player can pull out a weapon and shoot… you can download the scene at:…but I think you need to register for a free account first, which should be no problem…

I have had a very productive and long discussiion yesterday with a cooperative blenderartist.The main layout for the game is already made…we have talked about the plot of the game, gameplay itself and several other important things related to the game.We have reached the conclusion that the final game-length should be between 2-3 hours packed with very much suspension…

Since I am not a good modeler at all using Blender, I would need a team consisting of at least 8 people, which each specify on one important task:

  1. Monster-Modeler
  2. Scenery-Modeler
  3. Whatever-else-Modeler
  4. Texture-artist
  5. Animator and Rigger
  6. Programmer(me, using Unity3d)

Unfortunately I have forgotten what the 2 other roles are, but I will ask my contact from yesterday again. My final ambition is to create a realistic(as far as realism can go with unity) and scary game with lots of tension. I have no time limit, so work can be flexible( which I think is also very important)…To keep things easy at first I and my contact decided to build up a scene consisting of placeholders for the final scene only, so that the main work will be done with easy placeholders, and the final models and the final scene will takeover the placeholders eventually…

This is my first game project ever, so please dont give too negative answers, I am always happy to hear ideas from others, and let myself be inspired…so just go ahead and feel free to ask anything you like, i’ll try my best to answer questions…

A special effects artist of course is also very important…

what is the setting??

I could be a whatever-else modeler,
Since I’m not good at modeling monsters or scenery. What are the requirements? Btw, I have been modeling in blender for about a year and a half if ur wondering. I can show u some quick models too if u like… :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Ill let Harris explain it in Detail later if you are all interested, i know that FPS is up for it. Anyway we are aiming to make a 2-3 hour intense Survival Horror,

The setting will be Medieval, We are thinking that the whole thing will be inside a castle.

We have a story but have yet to create the script. It has potential, Just needs refining to lose anything that has been done before.

Gameplay is full on survival horror, with major emphasis on survival, its going to be hard. traps distractions and created weapons are the tools for survival.

I’m interested in environment modeling, i can make a simple model if you want so you can see what I’m capable of, I’ve been using blender for almost a year now and have taken a big interest in scenery and art of games. From the what i read above, it sounds like you want like a zombie castle sorta theme or like some sort of monster invasion of a castle or something and it sounds very cool and would be a wonder to create

Yeah man sounds great, if you check out anmesia the dark desent you will see the type of horror we are aiming for, no gun toting shotguns, but serious scaryness, darkness, creepyness, ruthless enemies and savagery.

Id love to see what you are capable of, feel free to show some models
I myself am new to blender having started near the begginging of january, i have not modelled for game before, and my best model this from AVP

I guess we will have a group meeting on MSN or something soon and get some organisation down, I know Harris will be thrilled at the interest.

We decided that we should get some simple placeholders in first so Harris can begin programming in Unity. this will speed things up as he wont be waiting on our models, and we can take our time making better models.

But yes im thrilled that your keen on this and im sure harris will be as well. Along with FPS that makes four of us.

Things are begginging to get going! i like it

Glad your interested

Believe it or not I was thinking of amnesia this whole time haha the game scares the crap outta me, and great I’ll try to get work in on a model soon but it’s near the end of the school year and finals are coming up along with an AP exam so no guarantees that I can be quick about it

I am very proud to hear, that someones are already interested in my project! first I thought that my project wont have a lot of attention, but I am just impatient…

Thanks very much that you are willing to help out with this game fpsgod17…i am interested in seeing your models!..Actually we need quite a lot of different things in our game, which could be stored in an inventory, that are health packs, things which increase stamina ans concentration, something which heals insanity to some extent etc…
We also need a models of ancient manuscripts, which show the player how to build up weapons consisting of special ingredients…so basically we need a model of a more or less crumbled up sheet of paper with yellow markings here and there and some ancient hieroglyphs…
And last but not least, we need those things which build up the weapons, eg rope, an ancient saw, ancient pliers, matchsticks and just any other ancient stuff which you think could build up an ancient weapon…maybe arrows and bows, which the player has to construct himself…

Great that you are willing to help us out with scenery GJAnders! You can take your time modeling, because as I said there is no time limit for the project, at least not yet, so things can be flexible, but it would really be great if you could provide us with an ancient and terryfing castle with a number of halways and deadlocks, stairs, etc…this would really be awesome! I am currently using brinemobees model of a dungeon for my work, which consists in creating an encounter between the player and a monster and implementing a lot of important stuff, which could also be used in the final game… I can post the link once I have made progress…

I totally agree with brinemobee that MSN is a very good oppurtunity to discuss things related to the project, communication goes quite a lot faster, my MSN address is "[email protected]"…

So as brinemobee mentioned before, things are developing really well so far with the project…we’ll have you updated frequently on what actually is going on…


Here are two pictures at different angles of the main player(soldier) holding a shotgun ( rigged by me) but downloaded from somewhere else…


Hey harris Sorry i havent been online i have had internet trouble and i just got a new laptop and its been a pain to connect.

as i have said before i have limited Modelling experience, mostly i have modeled weapons, so i am going to attempt to create the things above that harris has mentioned as well. FPS if you want to brainstorm, create ideas and join me in this venture then that would be great. I havent modelled Scenery or complex scenes before so for me this will be where i am most comfortable.

This is a list I thought of that contains the types of things i think we Need modelling, Everyone feel free to add to, discuss or remove things as you see fit

  1. Maps, Scenery, Levels

  2. Enviroment Props, Broken furniture, Wall torches, Chains, Torture equipment, and tons of other props

  3. Inter-active Weapons and their parts - Blades, Hilts, Rope, Chains, Studs, Spikes, feathers(arrows) Bolts, Wood, Clubs etc etc

3 Inter-active Items - Keys, Health, KeyItems, Health, Food? Water containers, Satchels, Oil Re-fills, etc etc etc

4 Character and Models - Creatures, Monsters, NPC’s and Scenery models for Grotesque scenes

These are just some ideas i have had. now my new PC is up and running i Plan on getting to work on the Oil lamp first.

I have already modelled some locks, for doors etc. Also Im not sure if this is the right way to go, but i imagine that the best thing to do would be to model something whole, nice and decent, and then save a new copy and make the copy a broken dirty version, so that we have a decent model of the original if we need a more used area or something. Just an idea

And Guys, Call me Josh :wink:

here’s my example .blend the lights are not permanent, I think i’ll replace them with torches and the texture on the boxes were pretty quick but i really just want you to see the hallway textures an stuff
hallway.blend (691 KB)

Hey guys!
Sorry for not having been able to say something for the last hours, I was quite busy writing down my workflow for creating a basic encounter between monster and player and actually am beginning to script it right now…I will post the link to my work here today(well at least for me today) I think I am 5-6 hours behind your time? I think this is was what Josh said…

I am very thankful, that the project is going on, without me having to frequently check it out, due to the activeness of all of you…i think the project is continuing very well and Josh has furthered my ideas about modeling with lots of great and important stuff, for the beginning, all the kind of models mentioned by either me or Josh should be enough to provide you with enough work, which I am very eager to see! Also the idea of having two versions of the same model where it makes sence, I find very great, like the player visits an are fot the first time and after an event occurs and he returns to that area, it has changed, it looks darker and more terryfing etc…

In the moment I am programming artificial intelligence(AI) for our enemy(monster), I have extenden Joshs model of a dungeon by a simple hallway and a little place at the side, where the monster is placed, so that the monster will see the player at a certain distance and follow him either walking or running…but in the end there will be more which I’ll show you…

I really like your hallway GJAnders, I am looking forward to see it textured and refined, as you said…Some blood here and there would be very great, and nice textures refering to medieval time…

So happy modeling and creating to all of you(I hope you have fun with what you are doing xD) and Ill see you next time…


ohh haha silly me i forgot to pack the textures sorry
hallway.blend (1.55 MB)

Wow, your models are really ugly and very impressive, Daniel!
You seem to have lots of experience with modeling ugly things, the good thing is that your models are high resolution and very scary!
This is actually just what I need for my characters, so you could be the Monster-Modeler for the project…would you be able to make a half monster/half human ugly character with big barbs coming out of his hands? He should really be terryfying and disgusting, the player should be shocked!..Just use yor creativity and let me know once you have made progress! Of course you can also suggest things yourself…

These are really nice textures GJAnders,
the fog effect in the background of the hallway is very cool and would be a great feature for the end-game…
I like the way, the wall texture fades out, as the walls reach into the fog, and the blood on the floor gives the hallway an additional flavour!
Keep up the good work and if you are interested, invent some new nice stuff, which you could put into your scene, to make it maybe look even more interesting, I am very curious!


you mean “barbs”, like hooks instead of fingers? Or something more like a crab/insect leg? (English is not my main language, sometimes i get lost with some words)

yes, exactly, long, bent, sharp hooks, which can slice a body open xD…

Has there already been a horror- survival game made like this? Or is this something that’s never be done. I really like the concept and looking forward to modeling any game props I can. Anything specific u want to see from me Harris? I can make low poly props very well, however, me texturing skills are in the beginner stage right now.

Edit: oops, just read your previous post about what I should start modeling, Ill start modeling them right now :smiley:

One thing I forgot to mention…of yourse everybody who contrubuted to the project will be mentioned in the final game…i think this is self-explanatory