Cowboy Game

Hello Blenderartists,
here I want to show you a new private Project I’ve started now!
I hope I’ll have a little Game at the End. It will be a Cowboy Western Game. I will try to
create some simple GameElements with LogicBricks maybe I get some Python running to. We will see.

Here is the Main Charakter. I’ve started to sculpt with the Blender Sculpttool. Later I created a new Topology for the Mesh. Now it hast a Polycount of about 2500 Polygons. Normalmaps are baked from the Highpolygon for alle the Details :slight_smile:

Rigging is also done, and some basic Animations. Next step will be creating more Animations. and I hope some nice Enviroment.

So enough of talk. Here are some Images.

High Resolution Sculpting

Lowpoly Modell

And the Textured Lowpoly Modell.



Let’s call it a perfect start! I guess you’re one of the first one who uses sculpted normal maps (exept thumb stuff). Rigging looks perfect too. I only got one question: how many characters will be displayed in screen at the same time? I guess you’ll get a huge FPS drop when you have lots of characters with this amount of detail at the same time in a scene. I assume this will be some kind of a shooter and a high FPS is a must-have for a shooter.

Looks, good. I like the modeling style, very unique. Keep it up.

Thanks alot. At this time I really don’t know exactly what kind of game this will be. I am not really sure what I am capable of now. I think this Project will be much trial and error and hopefully I can learn some new things.
I’ve made some testing with the framerate. I duplicated the model with ground and gras about 10 times and it still runs with 40 to 50 frames. Ok. I have a quad core and an Ati Fire GL V5600. Ok there is still no Enviroment, but I think this could be running. I hope so!! :smiley:

About Sculpted Normalmaps. I think this has to be the Future of Workflow in Games(and in new games it is). It is a simple way to get many Details with a small count of polygons into you model.

thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:

Great character! Really awesome style.

I don’t believe that you will get trouble with the frame rates; your model is an excellent low poly one and you make use of normal maps to overcome the lack of detail. That’s how it’s supposed to be done!

I especially like the shooting pose/animation :wink:

One krit though: the walk cyle is rather poor. Atm he walks like a robot. He needs some bouncing up+down as well as some shoulder and hip movement. Make him a cool cowboy bastard :wink:

have a look at his youtube vid. The model is low poly; there won’t be a problem with fps at all :wink:

@ zapman
Yeah I agree with you concerning the walkcycle. It’s stil not good! I will work on it :slight_smile:

Thats an aweosme model. Has a team fortress 2-style feel.

Your cowboy model is amazing! The design is great, the animations too, and the result is fantastic (it looks far more high poly than it really is)! What will be the game’s objectives (shoot, arcade,…)? Can’t wait to see the environments.

I concur that the framerate won’t be much of an issue if you make the rest of your models like this one.

Very nice! There aren’t enough Old West-themed games around here (or in general, come to think of it). I look forward to seeing how you use him.


WOW:eek:, a very good start… and your going to have finished it and mass produced it and swim in your own wealth before you can even think about hoping for a good environment:yes:.
a little over exaggerated:o but you get the point i’m trying to get across:).

edit: you forgot the belt things on the shoes.

Maybe you could do something like the good old “western games” from 1987:

It was a nice 2player sports game with a western theme. There were contests like spitting, shooting different sized mugs, cow milking, eating contest etc… :smiley:

Even better would be your own game of course and hopefully you don’t do the standard FPS game… there are already too many of these…

good luck! I’ll keep watching :slight_smile:

Beautiful model!
Awesome pose too, lol!

You should make it 3rd person, because by going to such an extent modeling and texturing and animating your main character, your not gonna see all that hard work put in cause the camera is at eye view. Maybe atleast alternating between the two.

With those artistic skills I’d only make a kind of fighting game with lot of moves and great environment. No need for any complex gameplay mechanics to emphasis your talent which is obviously in Art! Don’t waste your time on something else. You’re good enough to work with the best imho.

Awesome work, model is crazy, poses are perfect for the style. Nothing bad to say.

Very Nice model man! Good Luck in your project! ^^

good so far,
complex model and fingers look funny, but its still great!

nice work man. I think that diffuse texture needs a bit more color though :). can’t wait for future updates!