Create a UTP cable


I’m wanting to create a UTP cable, Is this possible to make? If so, can anyone give me the proper steps or refer me to a YouTube and/or forum post?
I already try from this link, still didnt understand


Hi Zeffu,

welcome to the forums! Not sure if there’s a tutorial, but there’s a pretty neat addon for cables if that’s something you’d need to do more often -

Wouldn’t be super hard to model I guess.

is there any free price??

need more details here !

depends how realist you want it ?
Is if for a still or an animation ?

do you have some photos for a specific model ?

more then one way to do it !
you can use curves + Bevel or do a shape and use array and curve modifier

happy bl

not to realist, its look like this one

see this one !

happy bl

the tutorial is not very detailed, so it is rather difficult when following