Creative Bundle Add-on Package

I’ve just finished optimizing the cutter code in the Cuber 2.8 port. Will work on porting Ice Tools Pro tomorrow, ported versions will have overhaul work but will maintain the original premise of their functionality.

Here is a WIP while working on the Cuber port.

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I just finished porting Cuber and optimizing most of its scripts, there are some overhaul and new functions. And category in the Tools panel is now gone, I don’t know if the devs are planning a new layout scheme here so I have to wait a few days for this. If anyone wants it, I can update the stores with the Cuber port, I’ll include the latest version number in the email it’s working on just in case.

I’d love it if I could download it. :slight_smile:

I’ll update the stores tomorrow then. I’ll have to download and test the latest 2.8 version to see if there’s new bugs afoot.

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I build blender every day. If I run into something as well I’ll let you know…

Will these tools work with this build and how do you get them to work. [Custom Build] Blender 2.79.6 Weighted Normals & Customized modifiers This build is python 3.6 Thanks iceking

I think so. The 2.79 version uses the modifiers Bevel and Boolean, and I don’t think it will clash with that build. I can’t say the same for the Make Weighted Normal function though (deprecated in 2.8 port).

Do you think it will be okay with the python 3.6 in that build? I know some of the other hard surface tools other than your own work.

For the 2.79 versions, it won’t work with python 3.6. The ported version will have the updated pythons but then it still won’t work with that build because the 2.8 environment is very different.

Decided to wait for one more 2.8 release version before releasing the add-on to the stores tomorrow. So here’s the gun’s final render. This is mostly a scripting job to optimize the draw cutters and this is the test model outcome.

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I’m prepping the files now, for those who purchased just wait for the email with the download link.

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Looking forward to trying out Cuber in 2.8 :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the stores in Gumroad and Blender Market for the Cuber and Creative Bundle produts, both will have the addition zip file: ported_py - which will have the file, to install just copy it to your add-ons folder and enable in the user preferences. Last tested version is blender-2.80-2c2c996a1b2-win64 Nov 9.

Report any bugs you might encounter on the latest versions of Blender 2.8 here and provide screenshots of the error messages.

For those who are asking for step by step tutorials, I’ll be revising the ones I have with multi-part videos covering the basic functions but I have to finish the port first. I’m working as fast as I can. Thank you for the support.

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I’m liking the new interactivity of Cuber. A few points though.

I have auto-perspective on so that Blender snaps me back to perspective when I am not in the side-or-top-views. Whenever I confirm a cut with Cuber the addon sets my view to orthographic automatically even when I was in perspective mode when I confirmed the cut. It only happens if you press a hotkey to get into top view (for example) before I start cutting.

The cuts don’t get set to smooth shading automatically so whenever you cut something into your mesh you need to set smooth shading manually. It is easy to miss this when you have the bevel size set to something small.

It is really nice to be able to round the corners procedurally when creating a cutter object but could you perhaps make it so that you cannot change the size of the object when holding the “Alt” button? It is very awkward to try to get the correct roundness while also changing the size of the object. It would be much more intuitive to only change the roundness while holding alt and letting go to change the size again…
EDIT: Also I somehow broke the roundness setting by dragging my mouse around the

Also a little feature request. Would it be possible that we can get a “Circle” cutter?

Thank you for your hard work making this addon. It is great to have some modeling capability back in Blender 2.8 :slight_smile:

The add-on needs ortho view in modal mode to perfrom the cut in a straight line and it remembers the “old view” you have before the cut operation then returns you to it when the cut is done. e.g. if you are in ortho before the cut then it will also bring you back to ortho after the cut.

For the smooth shading, you can toggle the auto smooth in the Poly Cutter (will be renamed to Draw Cutters) panel so it will smooth shade any cut object. Another way is to use the Add Weighted Normal Modifier - this will also add the Bevel modifier as well with the bevel segments set in the Use Bevel Segments slider preferably set low to 1 or 2. For this two to work, set the Bevel modifier’s Normal Mode to Vertex Average or Face Area, Normal Strength to 1 and toggle on Face Strength - this combined with the Weighted Normal modifier, lets you avoid smooth shading the design mesh every time and marking the edges as sharp to avoid shading distortions (shown in above video).

You can pair Alt with Shift (Shift+Alt) to slow down the increments when changing the bevel size of the corner verts to have more control over it. If you mess up the values too much, you can set it manually using the sliders in the T panel or Pie Menu.

Yes, I’ll be locking the cutter object size when changing its corner roundness. Circle cutter will also be in the near future - this will be after the Ice Tools Pro and Dyntopo Plus port - could take me a week or less. So I can work on their updates more efficiently with them all ported. :wink:

Made a few updates to Cuber’s UI and added in Circle Cutter as well. This version will be released this week. Sorry if this is not in Youtube, I don’t post really short videos there.

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Here’s the Circle Cut and Slice feature for the Cuber add-on. Just wait for the email this week for those who purchased the stand-alone or the Creative Bundle for the download link. I also fixed the Add Weighted Normal Modifier operator to sync the accompanying Bevel modifier to the Use Bevel Segments Parameter.

Also, I don’t know what they’re planning in the T Panel but if you guys want I can unify everything to one collapsible panel.


Looks great. Thanks for adding my request so quickly and also thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

Here’s another update. I had to push the updating the stores this coming week to bring a couple more upgrades like the multi-symmetry tool and ui fix.


Ice Tools Port done. Just a few more touches like icons and stuff. Next up is Dyntopo Plus. Here’s an overview of the changes.

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