Creature-Urle-some kind of bird I think

Hi All! :slight_smile:

My first post here, and my first bigger project in Blender:
This is another “deamon” from my mind. Really don’t have any logical explanation what is it, and what that image “mean” :spin:

Modeling: Blender 2.46
Rendering: Indigo 1.0.9
Postwork: Photoshop

Wires (i know you love wires :stuck_out_tongue: ):


Really cool! (: Keep up the good work in blender.

It’s a pretty weird sculpture, but it’s art.

I bet people would buy the actual sculpture if you created it with actual metal, would be a good garden piece:cool:

This is beautiful and original.

Ooof… don’t ever say that to an artist. I got a similar comment from a professor telling me how she felt my conceptual work would make a good screen saver.

zelptic - you’ve worked in 3D before havent you :cool:

nice, just the background is weird. the wood is blurred and the nails are still quite sharp.

Wow! Thank you for such nice welcome! I haven’t expected that…

“f you created it with actual metal, would be a good garden piece” - well, i’ve the same feelings like +peter ;] But I know what you mean CyborgDragon :slight_smile:

Yes, i’ve worked in 3d before :smiley: (But i worked in 3dsmax, which is much more complicated than Blender and not so flexible)

pildanovak - i must agree with you. that’s because nails/pins fly around bird’s body, they aren’t sticked in the back wood…which is blurred by DOF. Maybe i’ll make another version of this image, without such strange errors

very good in lighting ,texture and the dof
my oppionion
the object lacks of thickness.

I love it.

Quoted in agreement… It’s weird, I’ve never seen something quite like it. It’s very surreal, but realistic simultaneously.

Gorgeous! You get the banner for the next two weeks. Congratulations!

:eek: oh my…

Thank You!


well, surprised

excited, pleased, thankful,

and motivated to work harder :o

Totally love this! Lovely weird, while still remniscent of some bird like creature. Keep them deamons coming!

amazing, my crit would be the green tapes that lack colors .

Very nice image, the overall quality is great.
I’m looking forward to seeing more artwork from you :).

That is a neat piece!

Congratulations on the banner, it is very beautiful.

neat :smiley: congrats too. yay, funny name! (is it prounounced ex-elp-tic, or zelptic?)

Nice! I love this one.

Looks like Tim Burton