Well don’t usually make it this far, but I’m going to call this one done. It was quite a project for me it was the 1st full body I ever textured with blenders uv editor (actually didn’t do feet, ran out of energy).
So it may not be perfect I still have a few seams, and pulls with the uv map but only the 4th time used the uv editor.
And big thanks to “monkeyboi” boy for suggesting the uv editor, and big thanks to “Modron” and “z3r0 d” for helping me learn how to use it.
I’m now a full fledge blender addict.

These are the best teeth I’ve ever seen made in Blender :o :smiley:

I’ve been kinda watching this model in the WIP thread, it looked interesting and now that it’s finished (or as finshed as it will ever get) I’d say it turned out nice. Too bad we can’t see those cool feet of his. Good job on the texturing, your technique is really pretty unique. I like the face and the hands the best. Judging by the thread title I guess you haven’t decided what kind of creature he is. Anyway, very good model, great style, what’s next?

awsome creature. i wish i could get that far lol :slight_smile:

Nicely developed character, and excellent texturing, Wu. UV mapping isn’t the easiest thing to do, so congratulations on what you were able to accomplish with this project.

You have a growing collection of very interesting characters, so I hope some day we get to see a few of them in a scene or maybe even an animation :wink: This one in particular would look cool in a game too :slight_smile:


Awesome :slight_smile: I am to lazy to do something like that, haha. UV mapping is hard work, great job :smiley:

Creepy character, Wu - I like it very much.

Well done indeed. The UV Mapping came out very well.

I still think you need some less hard transitons in your skin tones though. The dark heavy lines make it look very much like it is a drawing rather than a nicely laid out skin texture. But that comes with time.

Great work.


:smiley: hey thanks a lot for all the replys :smiley:

Eva- thank you for some of the nicests posts I’ve received on elysiun, it means a lot. glad you liked the teeth, I based it on my own, haha :smiley: . I think I would like to try a sea creature next, but mabey something less complex, I didnt realize how much work this would be :o , and how much I still have to learn, thanks again.

Mark62756- thank you for the nice post :smiley: , i usally don’t ever get this far, i usally dont make it out of the works in progress :x .

Robertt- thank you, always means a lot to get a post from you :smiley: . I actually thought about your work a couple times with this one, when I would get frustrated and want to give up :x I thought about the amount of hard work you put in and felt inspired to countiue on. I would love to try out a scene, but i usally get caught up getting excited about another character idea, and never get to the scene. But maybe if my next try at a sea creature works out mabey I can get an apperance with the “Atlantean Protector” and his scene, haha that would be great :smiley: :smiley: !

Ataryu- thanks for the nice post :smiley: , it is hard work, I didnt realize what trouble I was in when I started doing the unwrap work, but it is also very rewarding.

thoro- thank you, i think I may try to go less creepy with the next character, it can be depressing to stare at this guy all day for days at a time :o

BgDM- thank you, that means a lot :smiley: . i hear your post in my head each time I sit down to paint the textures, and in fact did notice it too before I posted any photos, slowly figureing out how to tone it down, but like you said in time. thanks a lot for the countiuned feed back.

:smiley: Thanks to everyone who posted, I was really afraid no one would post. So even though I still have lots to learn and lots to improve on it still is so great to get nice feed back! :smiley:

Wu, this is top dog! Your creature looks very scary ;)! Also: I like the transitions of the skin tones. It really gives it your unique style. Even without knowing the post was from you I would know this was one of your works.

Great stuff!!


Creepy. Theet are a bit to glancy IMO. But for the rest…

…I looks very nice. ehhh… nice, I mean good, probaly not so nice :stuck_out_tongue: .

yo creepy thing

uv texturing - gr8

only eyes and mouth (with every thing inside) looks too much plastic

Keep on BLENDING !!! :smiley:

:smiley: hey more posts, wooohooo :smiley:

block01cube- hey thanks for the great post, it really means a lot, your posts are very motivatonal and nice. i’m very happy to be getting a style that can be recognized.

ThePatrickP- the teeth were a last minute thing, just before I rendered I seperated them from the mesh and played with the lighting, but I agree could be more wet in apperance, thanks for the post.

KRUChY- thanks for the post yo, i also agree about the eyes and mouth, wish I had more paitence to work on them, and will definatly keep on blending

:smiley: Thanks guys for the great posts, it is really motivating, and makes me want to get better and better, thanks :smiley:

Damn, that’s pretty sweet. You have a very nice texturing style, I love the effect of real painted textures, not the computer generated. It gives it feeling I get from playing games by Blizzard Entertainment… like their World of WarCraft that’ll come out soon. Their rextures are not realistic, but they give this nice feeling, same with your textures.

Very well done!


You should have modeled the gums rather than texturing them on. Just to add that extra bulge. Aside from that, very cool and nasty! I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley, or anywhere else for that matter. :o

:smiley: thanks for the replys :smiley:

blade- thanks, i’m a fan of your work and a huge fan of the warcraft artwork, so that is a huge compliment. when i was in the movie theater and saw the trailer for the war craft game i was blown away, I went out and bought the art of warcraft book very soon afterwords, not sure if you know who samwise is but he is an artist for warcraft, and his drawings in that book were actually my starting point for my spider demon model.

as far as the textures go i was pretty much forced to make the textures by hand because I tried photo editor programs such as photoshop with very sad results, but I really like watercolor painting and cg models so it was a perfect fit for me. thanks for posting, keep up the great work!

PlantPerson- thanks for the post, im pretty new to modeling like this, using all one mesh, this is actually only the second model I have done that way, so as I progress I will deifantly try to add more detial to the model instead of painting it on, i usually just modeled with surfaces and bent them around to make models or did surfaces with mesh, but never really just one single mesh

:smiley: Thanks for all the nice posts guys it is a real boost in my confidence to get so many nice comments from such talented artists, and means a lot!

not sure if you know who samwise is but he is an artist for warcraft, and his drawings in that book were actually my starting point for my spider demon model.

I literally worship the guy! :stuck_out_tongue: He’s one of the best artists I know. By the way, here’s the official website where you can find his work (good for inspiration):


OMG, this is more funny, than scary! I love it!!

Hey dude,

Not bad, but one thing i should point out is that you should buld the teeth and gums as seperate objects. Building them from one mesh makes it look weird, notice how the specular highlight is uniform and connected over both tooth and gum, which shows off that its just one object. If you build them seperate your spec would be broken up at the gum line as it is with teeth bearing creatures of all sortz. :wink:

And i really cant tell becase the mouth area is black (which is good), but does he have a throat bag and tounge as well? You will definatly want to put those in there if he has a jaw rig and will be opening his mouth.

Anywayz, just wanted to C&C and maybe help you out a bit. Happy blending my friend!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!


incomparable style!

i love it dude, u have a really nice style of modeling, the teath like someone said there so nice, best ive seen in a long time, the model is nicely done, any wires, and mabysome new shots of it with a scene?