The CrowdMaster development team is proud to present CrowdMaster v1.1.0, the only complete workflow for crowd simulation in Blender.

It’s main features include:

  • A fully node-based interface
  • Procedural agent animation and generation tools
  • Helper utilities for many common tasks

To find out more and to download, go to the website at:
For some example files, go to:

Please note that you’ll need Blender 2.78 to use CrowdMaster.


O-M-G! Can´t wait to try this out :smiley:

Me too! :yes:

Looks great but I can not find the agent generation nodes. Maybe someone can help, explain or can do a simple basic tutorial.
Great addon when I see the demo videos. Does someone know where these nodes are and how it works?

Download the add-on and enable it. The node trees can be found in the node editor. The agent simulation tree has a gold armature icon, and the agent generation node tree has a blue blocks icon.

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Thanks! I know how to install and where the nodes should be but they are not there. I have all the other nodes but not the agent. What version of blender do you use? I used the last build. Maybe I have to use a older version or maybe I didn`t see something that has to be done.

CrowdMaster needs to be used with blender 2.78. Can you send a screenshot?

You could try this as an example:

(replacing “Cube.005” and “Empty” with objects in your scene)

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Yes I can and could but cant find that nodes. ;) And please Im sorry if i did miss something or I´m to stupid to setup things correctly. I did read all the documents but couldnt figure out how to setup things and cant find that nodes.

Thanks a lot!

Ah, I think you might have got an old version by mistake! Did you download from the link shown below?

Aaahrg man sorry. I don`t have the knowledge to compile source code and addons. I did just download the addon .zip and tried to install on latest build of blender. Like in docs. I realy hope i can figure out all that coding and compiling stuff somewhere in future. Feel like I´m a bit stupid.

Don’t worry about it. I take it that it worked then. Feel free to keep posting any questions you have here!

Ok, This is amazing. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Great addon and good night!.. :wink:

Hi there!

Thanks for your great addon, but i m having hard time to install the latest version master 1.1.0 in win 7, yes i m running it in Blender 2.8. After installing i m not getting anything in addon list to activate, but the old version 1.0.1 can be activated without any problem.

As a note the manual is leading to the old version v1.0.1 :frowning:
Some screenshots:

I’m also having problems to install the add-on, I get this text when I try to install the add-on:

Modules Installed from ‘C:\Users\User\Desktop\Crowd simulator\’ into ‘C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.78\scripts\addons’ ()

But then when I go into the add-on panel in Blender there’s no crowd simulator add-on there.

Also one question… with this add-on is it possible to change the animations as per certain events?

Sorry to hear it’s not working. I’ll update the picture on the wiki as soon as I have access to a computer.

Please could you try searching for “Crowd” with the “Testing” button toggled on as well just in case. If nothing shows up then there has been some error with the script so if possible could you open up the console and tell me any errors you see reported there?

In regards to changing animations on events, yes it’s definitely possible! Events can be set for a certain frame and then use the event to move the agent to a different state. The formation example uses an event to trigger the grid moving. If you want to give me a more specific idea of what you want I could set up a small example.

I search with “Crowd” key search and with “Sim” No error in the console related to crowd sim only error is with pie_menu_official

Solved it the naming was the problem so i removed the last character so have “CrowdMaster” it works now. :slight_smile:

Just a quick bug that find while playing with it :
open one of your .blend file then
do ctrl+n for reload start up, then ctrl+alt+u user pref-> open addon -> search crowd
See the addon is not activated, try to activate it we get a Value error