Crystals Inspiration

Material Studies - Blender 3d, Cycles Render Engine

work in progress … enjoy!

more stuff here: [



What a wonderful work! Feature row for sure!

I espcially like the third one!

Wow, beautiful materials, would love to know more about your techniques for creating them!

These are fantastic! Outstanding work with the materials.
I’m really fond of the 3rd image as well

These are awesome! Hard to pick a favorite, they’re all so unique and interesting looking (and the materials are gorgeous). Inspiring stuff, Ivaylo!

Wow, they’re beautiful, can’t imagine how long they would take to render clean. Whew!

Awesome shaders! Great job!

…wow! It’s nice to see such realism and complexity achieved with Cycles. Artwork’s amazing and so are the developers enabling artists like You to create such impressive visuals!

What is this?!?? This is awesomeee! Mind blowing stuff! Beautifull work :slight_smile: i hope i could create materials like yours

Ho man these are awesome.
Just following you on behance.
You could make an incredible shader bundle with those and sell them on the blender market.

Far better than a lot of existing ones

Do you think you could make a tutorial about one of these?

Wow, so amazing! I really love these :slight_smile:

Such an honor and pleasure to read your comments! I really Thank you …

Counting in!
Make tutorial, sell it, show us composition nodes, anything, just give us any clue how to make materials like these!

:slight_smile: Ok guys, so many people asking me for those materials. I’m planning to make a tutorial about my crystals inspiration in the near future. I’m not quite sure when will exactly, but I promise to show at least some nodes of those experiments. Standard approach to the node base system, just the way is a bit different :slight_smile: Lots of Inspiration + tweaking, observing and experimenting that’s it!
I would like to make an animation before that, but I may do them together. …


oustanding results, I like muche the transparency effect on the third image, and the roughness on the red cristall. I leave my five starts, this work deserve achieve the top gallery!

The crystals really show off why you should, from now on, be using Cycles and not BI (because only Cycles will give you the glass shading variations and volume effects needed in one material).

Some of the best of this type I’ve ever seen in the forum, good work.

These materials are among the best I’ve ever seen. Looking forward to the tutorial :wink: Are these materials fully procedural?

Incredible materials. They look incredible believable and realistic. Fantastic work.

This is sick.

Seriously. Awesome work.