Cs (aircrafts, intro area)

Hello, I made an ipo in my camera to show my desert area but haven’t recorded yet, I haven’t tried to play with my character in the area yet neither.

I mostly finished to configure a sky and various things linked to it and now I finally must go back to my undergrounds.

Hello, my last update include a script that move my area lights from lamp to lamp depending of their distance to the camera.

I was thinking about the introduction of the game earlier and still wasn’t happy with the back of my aircraft so I tried to update it, I still think it miss something above the reactor, behing the cockpit, but haven’t found it yet.



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Hello, here my lastest updates :

Little fin at the top rear of my aircraft.
Four landing supports (which close as two) below the rear and front of my aircraft.
Grass script to optimise their display on the ground of my desert areas.
New low poly aircraft used in the introduction of the game.
Start of a new introduction area of the game.

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Hello et happy new year blender artists. :partying_face:

I added the blend of natural material and artificial material and updated the location of the ground areas.

Hello blender artists.

I tried a new update of my ground area with a river where my artificial pond take its water from.
The next step should be the update of the mountains near the riverside.

Hi, any game-play to share?

Hello, sorry I focus on the modelisation of the areas which still need uge work.

I tried a quick script for my character some time ago but some things didn’t work and i need to redo it step by step.

Understood, that’s cool too :ok_hand:


I increased the size of the mine and communication areas, enclosed the ground areas in a piece of land and connected everything by roads.

Are you using a height-map texture by chance for the environment creation? Or just extruding meshes.

Yes I use a black and white texture as a heigh map and a displace modifier to elevate the sand areas.
I also use a weight paint to flatten the sand areas where the artifical areas and the roads are located.

Their polycount isn’t that great but it’s too many otherwise and isn’t that useful considering their utility.

I think about painting them here and there with some of my others sand materials to make it less repetitive.