"Ctrl + Z" in Blender is taking forever

(Ghaell) #1

Hey, what’up guys?

My “Ctrl+Z” in Blender is taking forever, I have to wait for several seconds until the undo occurs.

In simple scenes that doesn’t happen, but in complex scenes, not that heavy but somehow complex, about 400k, 500k vertices, it starts to get really annoying.

Do you guys know why is this happening?

I’m using Blender 2.79
Windows 10
I3 3,8 Ghz
GTX 960 4gb
RAM 4gb


There could be a variety of reasons causing lag.
Blender does have to load the change into the scene, which may take a little time for a large scene. Do you find lag when doing other edits (other than undo)?
Also, are there any background processes going on?

(Ghaell) #3

No background processes besides antivirus, chrome, etc…
Blender has always been i bit laggy in reeeally complex scenes, but undo is the one that’s causing trouble…


I went searching around on the internet and found this: https://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/89659/blender-global-undo-is-very-slow-on-complex-scenes

It appears Blender saves the changes temporarially somewhere, and has to take a bit of time to retrieve it. Larger scenes mean slower times.

(Ghaell) #5

Well… Looks like there’s no way around it :frowning:

(Charbel Nicolas) #6

Blender reloads the whole scene when you UNDO, so if it’s a big scene it will take as long as it needs to load the WHOLE scene.

There is good news by the way, Campbell has rewritten the undo system for 2.8 so it might get much better, who knows.

(caz747) #7

Got the same problem here. Not a really big scene, only 200 thousand verts, but it has a lot of fine detail. What I did find is that if I select one or two of the objects in my scene and then press the / key it isolates the selected objects into their own scene and then ctrl + z works a lot faster. Pressing the / key again to go back to the main scene can take a bit of time, but for me it’s worth it.

I am not sure what this key is called / On my keyboard it is on the numpad next to the Num Lock key.

(Ghaell) #8

Charbeinicolas - Oh, i’m glad to know that, can’t wait to put my hands on 2.8
Caz747 - I’ll give a try, thanks for the tip!