Cuppa Joe? Exterior archviz

Hi all

Here is my most recent project, I hope you like it.

Tools used Blender, Substance Designer, Zbrush and Cycles.

Feedback and suggestions appreciated. I am not overly sure about the lighting but needed to move on as I may have been spinning my wheels a bit. Thoughts?


The result obtained is interesting.
Very beautiful light.
What technique did you use, only HDRI or even the sun?

Hey its a bit of a mashup… lighting in Blender was just a HDRI for the environment (was aiming for a mid morning feel) then interior is lit with lamps… then in Photoshop I did quite a bit of manipulation on the overall lighting and textures with a combination of paint overs / hand painted areas (i.e. mud on van, number-plates, very slight god rays and curtains) and curve adjustments. Then all layers are merged and then I put the final comp through photoshop raw for final tweaks.

The scene was a monster and was crippling my machine (1950x thread-ripper with RTX180 ti) so had to render it in sections and then comp. Definitely need to optimise portions of my workflow a bit more to bring the render-times and scene weight down.


Thanks for the reply.
It is the result that counts, and often we must always invent new methods to circumvent these problems.

really nice ! the trees are a bit too green tho! and i think you should add some warmness, light and bloom in post process :slight_smile: and the brick texture is amazing did you do it yourself ?

Hey thanks for the feedback.

I have made some tweaks based off of it and I think it is better.

The base brick texture is from Polligon and then I added procedural dirt and roughness as well as extra grunge in photoshop.

carreful with this site, if you don’t use your points they remove them from you

excuse my ignorance but what are points?

no worries I think i figured it out. cheers for letting me know

Out of curiosity are the human models 3d or are they stills placed with an alpha? Couple of them look like they have a slight feathered mask look to them. But that is just me being super nitpicky. Regardless though it is an awesome scene, great job on it and thanks for sharing it with us.

Hey they are 3D but you are right the mask is slightly feathered as I had to manually comp it together as I forgot to render with the cryptomat passes (was trying out the ai d-noise and lost focus… dohhh) I am still not happy with the lighting so I am going to relight it and re-render… thankfully eevee and cycles lighting now matches so it should be easier todo now as the scene is quiet heavy. Also going to try mixing eevee volumetric render and cycles beauty renders together… will update this thread when done.

Thanks for all the feedback guys hugely appreciated.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Wow… thank you so much… i am super stoked to have made the cut this week…

Awesome stuff thanks again

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Nice work! Please make more work and post it. :slight_smile:

You’re #featured! :+1:

That glass looks way too transparent.

Wow thank you so much…

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Hi thanks for the feedback… there is surface imperfections on the glass however I fear they may have been too slight… something to improve on for me next time.

Wow! I especially love the detail on the cars and the trees. This must have taken quite a bit of time. Super nice! :slight_smile:

WOw nice but i have no option to scream