Curve modifier problem - how align?

Cant figure out any reasonable rule for assigning/aligning Curve to an Object
Pic. 1st - prior to Curve Modifier
Pic. 2nd - after assigning Curve Modifier
Pic. 3rd - expected result /but need it precise, not a hand-dragged/
Just would like to have the bench aligned to that curve, from its very startto its very end…

Check out this thread, the long and the short of it is… I think put the origins in the same place and start the curve at the origin. Also if you want the object to scale to the size of the curve then experiment with these three toggles.

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Thank you,that was essential !

UCS/Pivot/Origin/Cursor seems *sick to me from the very beginning.
Btw. Just wonder whats prevailing in such case: Number of objetcs and Distance defined in ArrayMod. or Stretching/Clamping defined in Curve?

Ps. Illogical, there were lots of useless discussion on it.

I have had a lot of trouble with curve deforms in the past…

I don’t know the specific rules but what I do know is that you can set the array to fit the curve.

ok, that solves it for me by now.

Great, good luck.

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