Curve Tools 2

I started to refine this script.



Changed the work of AutoLoft. Due to interface lags, AutoLoft will now need to be updated manually. Added a button: “Update Auto Loft”.

Added a new function:

  1. Converter Mash Faces to Bezier
  2. Converter Bezier to Surface (NURBS)
    I hope this function is useful for creating smooth surfaces.
  3. Added PathFinder
  4. Added Scale Reset
    Correct reset of scale. Bevel, offset, extrude work geometrically correctly after use it.
  5. Added highlight curve resolution.
  6. With the permission of Alexander Meißner (Lichtso) added all the operators from the add-on
  7. Added spline sequence change.
  8. Added split by selected points.
  9. Added operator Handle Projection (anti fillet).
  10. Added and updated Curve Remove Doubles. It works for all kinds of curves.
  11. Added 2D Curves Boolean.
  12. Outline now works for all curve types.

Moved to release. Will be included in build 2.81


Awesome! That a great news!
Curves gives a lot of design possibilities.
Now only a few Pathfinder Boolean operators are missing as in SVG vector programs!


I experimented a bit with Surface.

I added converter Mash Faces to Bezier.

And I added converter Bezier to Surface (NURBS).

Demonstration of current features:

  1. Add a simple object.
  2. Click the button “Convert selected faces to Beziers”
  3. Then click “Convert Bezier to Surface”
  4. Go to edit mode and scale (S)


You mean nurbs conversion in blender. Oh man no words.

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This looks very useful !!!

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Will this functionality be in 2.81?

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Added the first implementation of PathFinder (selection and removal of splines).

At the bottom of the add-on panel, the button PathFinder.
PathFinder puts Blender in special mode.
Exit from this mode button : ESC or TAB

Clicking the ‘left mouse button’ on a curve point selects the entire spline on which this point lies.

The ‘right mouse click’ on a point removes spline from selection the on which this point lies.

The ‘X’ and ‘DEL’ buttons delete the spline.

‘A’ buttons deselect all splines.

Example actions:

  1. Create several curves that partially overlap each other.
  2. Select them and in the addon click the button ‘Intersect curves’ to find the intersection.
  3. Click the PathFinder button and use it to remove unnecessary splines.

Nice, how do I download the whole addon from the diffusion page any idea?

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Added sources from where you can download.


Added a button to correctly reset the Scale in the curve. The built-in reset does not work correctly and after applying it, the curves do not correctly handle the parameters Offset, Extrude, Depth.

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In PathFinder added highlight for selected spline


Looks good! Here is other useful overlay feature to see the point resolution:
view3d_curve_overlay /2.79
Need just a 2.80 update…

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  1. Redesigned PathFinder backlight. Now it works through the GPU. Now you need to select splines through Alt + click on the point. Still, have problems with her. No selection by clicking on the spline. And other problems. I will try to decide in the near future.
    Use it very carefully for now. May spoil your work.

  2. Added highlight curve resolution.

  3. With the permission of Alexander Meißner (Lichtso) added all the operators from the add-on

P.S. Returning the counter of selected curves is not a good idea. Because of it, the blender interface slows down (the entire scene is polled at a certain interval) and it prevents some operators from working.


Error correction, adding a spline selection when clicking (Alt + click) on a spline.


Moved to release. Will be included in build 2.81


Awesome! Keep it up!

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Updated. Corrected many bugs. Added spline sequence change.

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This is amazing! Is there any way to automate the process of deleting the unnecessary strokes after using the intersection function? I’m using pathfinder right now to quickly select and delete them but man it would be amazing if it could do it for you.

I guess the “unneeded” ones after intersection are the shortest branch, if you could compare the distance from the created intersected point out to point[0] and point[-1]. Hope that makes sense.

Anyways, amazing tool! I’m sure a 3+ curve loft is coming too, man I am really excited about this tool. Thanks for bringing this to us!

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Small update: Added split by selected points.


Frequently used operators are added to the context menu.
Added operator Handle Projection.
Added and updated Curve Remove Doubles. It works for all kinds of curves.

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