[Custom Build] Blender Fracture Modifier

I was wondering it too!

It has been repeatedly stated by the devs behind the FM-Project: There will be an integration into 2.8x at some point, it is clearly planned, but more of a long term plan.

I don’t think anyone can give you a better answer than this, at this time.
I know the second quote I included here is half a year old, but this probably tells us not to expect sudden fast progress on the 2.8 integration.
Given Tons recent plans to change the release numbering, it’s imho very likely to end up a 2.9x- if not 3.x-integration.

greetings, Kologe


The 2.79 FM still works, you just have to use it. :hugs:

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Is there documentation for Automations - Combine and Connect?
I want a multi-story building to collapse after destroying the first floor but the upper floors just stay in the air. The shards on the first floor don’t break anymore (all thresholds/angles to 0.1) after separating the floors in several objects and using Connect. Using Combine just makes the whole building collapse as soon as the animation starts, reactivating animated and triggered, again the first floor breaks but the upper floors stay in the air.
What am I doing wrong?

Basically you use connect and combine for joining different objects only.
If you have all in one mesh, then you use clusters and activate broken with triggering (it may also work with the combined or connected object which basically is the “carrier” object, aka where the other mesh parts or constraints are combined / connected into, but test first with a simple mesh), like this:


Here’s another 2.79x based project that just got updated. Remember that typically 2 instances of blender 2.79x can be running at the same time. So that’s a way to get your fracture ON and your game ON at the same time!

UPBGE just had a minor update to v0.2.5:

And here’s a FPS template blend file that should work:

(PS: ignore the first image in the thread…as mentioned later in the thread)

Viva 2.79x!
Fracture+Game ON!

Is there a place to see the latest changes to this fracture modifier build? Or is it considered final for 2.79? As in, no more updates until 2.8+

Running into roadblocks with this one. Mostly using Cell Fracture and Rigid Body Dynamics at first in 2.8 then moving into FM 2.79 and still not sure how to approach this. Objective - combing levels of Fractures on indiviual objects with Rigid Body Collisions between those objects.

I need a set of objects that are free standing, then one gets pushed into another and a chain reaction starts toppling all the objects to the ground like dominoes. These are tall narrow heavy (cement wall pieces) actually a lot like a domino. The issue is I want the pieces to begin to chip and crack slightly as they collid and then as they fall further and hit the ground or each other heavily they can break apart some from their own weight and collision.

I have tried pre shattered with constraints but then that object doesn’t react to rigid body dynamics properly and the constraints have issues too. Maybe grouping or Collision Groups might help but I can’t find much help on this.

Also in 2.8 the Cache system seems to be broken in that once you bake you are stuck with that bake even if you delete the bake.

Thanks for any help or pointing me in the right direction.

Here I have some example fractured domino setup… with FM 2.79


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Hey all you Fracture On! FM fans, I just posted the CGI summer conference lineup for this year. It includes a presentation from the OpenVDB team during ASWF Open Source Days. The FM team is hard at work on the next generation FM technology including OpenVDB for voxel based VFX.

I’ve specifically been leading the way in researching and developing a new crushing technology based on OpenVDB and Scorp has been leading the way on an OpenVDB based voxel remesher. All part of the new FM technology we are proposing to integrate as FM building blocks in official blender v2.8/9.

You can catch the FM team’s current work with Juan from Bone-Studio on the voxel remesher at GraphicAll.




Here is some new Fracture Modifier action. :nerd_face:


Something tells me this is not how astrophysics work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Saweet @ Kai! Always, tasty work!

Hey, speaking of FM sightings, FM 2.79x is still of course alive and well. I took a still of this one below and it’s one of my many web cam virtual backgrounds for video conferencing courtesy of FM artists. Of which, many are Kai’s work of course! Lol

Check this one out on reddit!


Hello! i made that render! glad you’re enjoying it

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Awesome sauce ARC9! Yes, and industry VFX/animation peeps here in SoCal see it all the time on my regular rotation of web cam backgrounds. Keep up the good work. If you do Twitter or Instagram make sure and hit us up on the #fracturemodifier hash tag. Post it here also!

Fracture ON!

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I found another goodie on Twitter. It was a nice choice of constraint settings.


Awesome! here’s a version without social media compression so it’s extra crisp https://we.tl/t-KfcFFwmezr

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Oh ya, much cleaner. Thanks! Just credit ARC9?
Fracture ON!

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I go by ARC4G on everything, i just got stuck with arc9 here

Fracture ON!

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