[Custom Build] Blender Fracture Modifier

(Kai Kostack) #1481


Thank you for the file. Scorpion has fixed the issue now. An updated Windows build can be found here: http://graphicall.org/1148
You need to update Blender on all your render nodes.

(Archimondro) #1482

It works like a charm with the fixed Build! Thank you all so much!

(jensverwiebe) #1483

Linux build, thus networking is again okay across os’es:

Branch: fracture_modifier
Revision: 95ae90c
Submodules: locale 1bbc9bd addons f1c6cfa addons_contrib 8a3b944 43dbc42
OS: GNU/Linux, Architecture: x86_64, GLIBC: 2.19
Builddate: Sa 23. Dez 16:38:38 UTC 2017
Filesize: 102808524 byte
Sha256sum: 10974e9a888db9ee17974896317e833fd79f0d0fde7cf6d5c07372c58280ccd5
URL: http://www.jensverwiebe.de/Blender/blender_fracture_modifier_linux64_latest.tar.xz


-sphere shape now takes its margin into account too, allow also negative margin now (optionally) 
-now fixing shard order problems directly after loading and jumping to another frame as well 
-added option to only output verts, meta threshold max is 100 now 
-do not invalidate cache when enabling / disabling centroid output 
-added option to only output centroids as vertices 
-added grid fracture option, removed rigidbody shape drawing with fm, alembic importer fix


(scorpion81) #1484

Fake cloth tearing and fake fluid, all driven by Bullet, Fracture modifier and in case of remesher, a new mode in remesh modifier -> Metaball mode. Relatively slow with higher resolutions, though. “Fluids” of separate objects do not merge.

(Emloa) #1485

This looks really cool. Too bad I don’t know anything about animation lol


I cannot do a build right now in macOS. cmake ask for old darwin 9.x libraries

(scorpion81) #1487

You need to check out the libraries under the 2.79 tag : https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/tags/blender-2.79-release/lib/darwin-9.x.universal/
There the old darwin 9.x libs still exist. Since the build is still based on 2.79 those libraries can be used.


how do you make to break constraints with other object? and the threshold for break constraints with impact is really high. I’m not able to break nothing.

(zeauro) #1489

You probably did not modify the mass of the object. If the rigid body that should break, corresponds to a volume of several m³ ; its mass is rarely 1 kg.
With a pertinent mass, default threshold makes sense.

(scorpion81) #1490

Additionally to thresholds you also could define breaking angles, distances, percentages. Those are not physically exact but might allow for more artist control.
Furthermore, if you did not already, please also watch those tutorials:

Although some of them are longer, they are totally worth to watch to get a good start using the FM :slight_smile:


I have tried the triggered, trigger and ghost values. But it don’t work with ghost objects with animation?

(Ace Dragon) #1492

Ton just gave a shout-out to the Fracture Modifier branch here

The modifier system in 2.8 is being completely redone, and one of the things the new design will allow is for the long-awaited merge of this branch into Master.

I’m personally excited to see that Ton is taking steps to make the merge possible, as it will be a major leap for Blender’s VFX capabilities.

(juang3d) #1493


2018 will be an awesome year for Blender

(juang3d) #1494

Question regarding the Fracture Modifier… how can I relate multiple objects with different fracture modifiers, example granted:

I have a car, one objet is the body of the car, all metal, the second part is the glass, all the windows in one object, and the third part are the lights.

Now I want those object to be related to each other, not just collide, but for example, the lights break at the beggining of the simulation even when they are configured as triggered, and I think this happens because they detect some kind of small collision with the car body, even when the car body is not configured as a trigger.




Maybe the deactivation options by default will help. But I must tell that use the modifier for this types of things is hard, more documentation or tips will help.

For example, I don’t know how to make a wood fence that impact and destroy some parts of wood but the main fence still in the same site.

(scorpion81) #1496

Hi :slight_smile:

To a limited extent, you can just “connect” 2 fractured objects with the Physics “Connect” operator. It will attempt to connect the closest shards of both objects. But there is a catch. Each of those created empties still can only connect one pair of shards between objects. Together with the inner constraints you can create something, but in most cases this will look and behave badly. This is still a limitation of the old rigidbody system. If the constraint empty could deal with multiple connections, it would be solveable I think. Hmmm maybe I need to investigate this again.
The location of the empty will determine the constraint location and its size (radius) tries to connect nearby shards with inner constraints in each object. But in most cases this doesnt look very well… unfortunately.

Edit, you also can just connect one fractured and one regular object together, it will attach nearby shards to the unfractured object then.

Edit2: hmm the trigger is inaccurate when you use convex hulls etc, but I could also not fix it to be more accurate with mesh shape though. It may help to use Margin 0 or with convexhull to “embed” the margin ( i think this works by unchecking the Collision Margin checkbox there). It may also help to apply the scale on the trigger as well or even fracture it (and if it should not break, then you could keep it together with constraints for example). Fractured trigger have smaller convexhulls and the resulting “total” shape could be more accurate in theory

(scorpion81) #1497

In this case the fence needs to be active, animated and triggered, (and maybe have constraints) and the impact object needs to be active, animated(optionally) and a trigger. A trigger activates nearby triggered / animated shards and changes their individual kinematic state (disables it)

(juang3d) #1498

Thanks Scorpion81, I´ll try those things :slight_smile:

DcVertice one solution that I can think of is using vertex weights painting, with anough geometry you could even “draw” the hole that should be respected in the fence, this way you ensure a total stiffness of the parts you want to be kept solid.


(jensverwiebe) #1499

New Linux:

Branch: fracture_modifier
Revision: 7622563
Submodules: locale 1bbc9bd addons f1c6cfa
OS: GNU/Linux, Architecture: x86_64, GLIBC: 2.19
Builddate: Mo 8. Jan 17:24:18 UTC 2018
Filesize: 102932364 byte
Sha256sum: 31aacf946db010acd976a948fead20e8fdb2cc140c100ca2f044101f2b12e623
URL: http://www.jensverwiebe.de/Blender/blender_fracture_modifier_linux64_latest.tar.xz


-mblur for fm use centroids / use vertices was missing on remesher, some crash fixes 
-crash fixes, was accessing non-existing layers 
-deform motionblur support for FM and remesher with variable topology 
-fixed some crashers 
-first attempt of deform mblur with remeshed particles, but it still has issues 
-crash fix in updateAccelerationMap, forgot to check for dm being null 
-fix for transformation issue with particle remeshing 
-fix for presets, forgot some commas 
-minor fix for collision problem with mesh 
-acceleration maps are kinda hard to get right... another attempt 
-fix, possibly return an empty mesh and default psys index is 1 now 
-fix for randomized particle sizes 
-added override with particle size option to mball remesher 
-remesh modifier can now remesh particle systems as well 
-small fixes for acceleration map 
-refactored acceleration map, but might still have issues 
-fix attempt for acceleration map... still issues 
-reworked the bake correction method, some smaller fixes 
-fixes for acceleration map 
-invalidate rigidbody cache/bake if rigidbody objects are duplicated or deleted as well 
-added final solid mesh source for mesh, some sphere margin fixes 
-added acceleration maps which should be also be usable in playback 
-added an acceleration map (vgroup), some remesher fixes 
-tweak of value display in FM UI 
-fix for collision condition, it failed for regular case 
-extended the remesh modifier by a metaball mode 
-rearranged some FM Properties in UI 
-fixes for cluster constraint island detection and a couple of minor fixes in fracture RNA 
-added "self collision" option for constraint islands, and randomize option for sphere shape radius and margin


(Alberto Gonzalez(afx)) #1500

Have the links been updated on Dafassi’s site?