[Custom Build] Blender Fracture Modifier

(robertzaku1) #1501

Hello! I am a Blender User. I am gonna report two bugs i found today in Blender 2.79 with Fracture Modifier Build.

The First One:
Enable Fracture in the Physics Tab: [ATTACH=CONFIG]511202[/ATTACH]
Then disable it: [ATTACH=CONFIG]511203[/ATTACH]
Click text Fracture you see in the tool shelf without changing it [ATTACH=CONFIG]511204[/ATTACH]
and then click anywhere on the viewport. Blender crashes immediately.

And the second one:
Go to Fracture - Fracture Mode: Dynamic WIP
Play Animation. During animation, click the transformation manipulators of the selected object on the viewport. Blender crashes.

Thank you!

(robertzaku1) #1502

I am reporting a bug I found today.

Step 1: Go to Fracture in the Physics Tab.
Step 2: Select Dynamic WIP Fracture Mode.
Step 3: Play Animation.
Step 4: During Animation, select in Constraint Building Settings: Use Constraints, Constrained Collision, Use Compounds and Self Collision. Blender Crashes.

(jensverwiebe) #1503

New Linux:

Branch: fracture_modifier
Revision: 2a41da1
Submodules: locale 1bbc9bd addons f1c6cfa
OS: GNU/Linux, Architecture: x86_64, GLIBC: 2.19
Builddate: Fr 12. Jan 19:58:13 UTC 2018
Filesize: 102829128 byte
Sha256sum: 9efce0822d6042eec012a3f44549ac76140df449b8e0e822baba58803e974865
URL: http://www.jensverwiebe.de/Blender/blender_fracture_modifier_linux64_latest.tar.xz


-experimental bind of animated vertices (other object) to shards 
-fixed a crasher when moving an object in dynamic fracture and when attempting to undo/redo FM removal 
-removed some performance-deadly reallocs in remesher

@robertzaku1 : #1 and #2 should be fixed according to scorp


(nikko) #1504

good Tool!!

(Archimondro) #1505

Is there another way to download the latest Build (hash: 08cd50d) than from graphicall.org? I tried to download it since hours but i always get a “network failure” after a few MB loaded. I can download from other sites without this issue, so i guess its related to the site itself.


([email protected]) #1506

Where can I get the latest Windows build with most recent updates and features? I keep seeing Linux being updated.

(Kai Kostack) #1507

(jensverwiebe) #1508

New Linux ( next should be an 2.79a release ):

Branch: fracture_modifier
Revision: 8fedf97
Submodules: locale 1bbc9bd addons f1c6cfa
OS: GNU/Linux, Architecture: x86_64, GLIBC: 2.19
Builddate: Fr 26. Jan 19:50:45 UTC 2018
Filesize: 103284776 byte
Sha256sum: f3cf7057767cdb1e90efe3a4bbc9f4d2bf560a794ad249bb259d4f60156f8af6
URL: http://www.jensverwiebe.de/Blender/blender_fracture_modifier_linux64_latest.tar.xz


-update libtbb, to be luxcorerender compliant 
-improved rotation calculation in bind animated mesh 
-fix for loading crash with dynamic fracture 
-fix attempt for split shard to island crashes 
-added a limit / searchradius for animated mesh binding 
-forgot to include workaround for changing vertex counts 
-fix attempt for bind animated mesh
-crash fix at fracturing, customdata layer index handlng...
-corrected some more special constraint breaking activat...
-small transform fix for animated mesh binding
-some corrective changes in special breaking activation... 
-put animated mesh settings to new panel, some fixes
-fix for binding, should leave no shards behind now
-fixes for bind animated mesh: transform and jump issues


(roughsporty) #1509


I want to fracture a layered wall to get more interesting results with constraint fracture pieces. The issue here is that I get the same patterns (seed) of all 3 wall pieces. Is there a way or a workaround to change that or rotate the layers after the fracture?



(scorpion81) #1510

Hm the attachment links are broken it seems. But you could (in case you use “uniform” pointsource) change the seed value. Or, if you have the 3 segments as separate objects, you might connect them with constraints as well (which works only in a limited way, unfortunately). But i would need to see the actual attachment images :slight_smile:

Edit, you also may use helper objects and use their verts or particles as parts of the global pointcloud which is used to generate the voronoi pattern. Also there is fast bisect and fractal boolean which make non-voronoi shards, but in the latter case the shape also influences the physics (you need constraints here) and it might be error prone due to boolean errors. Another possibility for more interesting shapes is clusters.

(Kai Kostack) #1511

Something we are working on:

(roughsporty) #1512

Sorry for that , I have included two screenshot to describe the issue. I have sepperated the 3 wall layers s little bit to show the problem but I guess you see what I mean. All the layers have of course the same pattern if the solution is due to use particles is there a video or tip out there to describe it?


(scorpion81) #1513

If you make each layer a separate object, you could put an FM onto each with a different seed value. Or if you want to keep it together, you will need helper objects (maybe one for each layer) A short explanation how to use those is here (at 1m40s)

which utilizes the helper addon. You can do it manually too, if you put the helper object(s) in a group, put a particle system on the helpers, and add the group as “Extra Group” to the FM under “Advanced Fracture Settings” in the Fracture Settings panel. Additionally you need to enable the “Extra Particles” point source (shift click to combine with other sources like uniform).
If you keep the 3 layers one object, you might also additionally consider “split shards to islands”, which separates each resulting shard into all its separate islands. In your case it would split each result into its 3 layers (in the simulation).

(Archimondro) #1514

Hey Guys, just wanted to share my latest FM Project:

(dafassi) #1515

WOW! I love it! Good work Archimondro! Posted in on our FB page :wink:

(Harvester) #1516

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get a complete download from GraphicAll because after 40-50 MB the process stops. I don’t know why but this happened so many times in the past also with other builds that I almost gave up downloading anything from GraphicAll. It’s a pity because I was really curious to play with your Fracture Modifier.
If there is another place where to download you build I would appreciate it. Thank you.

(scorpion81) #1517

Hmm @graphicall… i just downloaded it from there and put it on my google drive as “mirror”. Hopefully this will work for you :slight_smile:


(Harvester) #1518

Thank you very much! The download was successful:yes:.

(robertzaku1) #1519

Two bug reports from the latest update (January 29th)!

The first one.
Click on the Execute Fracture Button. The select these: threaded wip, use compounds and enable deactivation.
Blender all of the sudden crashes after playing the animation (no

matter if the Viewport is in the solid or rendered mode)

The second one:
Go to External Fracture Mode and select all the settings.
Go to Dynamic Fracture Mode and Blender directly crashes.

(scorpion81) #1520

In case somebody needs it… Latest FM dev build, mac version.