[Custom Build] Blender Fracture Modifier

(Love 3D) #1521

Why isnt it in master yet it is awesome only fractal boolen could be better.
Hast es druff.

(tungee) #1522

Thank you so much Scorpio for the OSx build!!! It runs on 10.6 fine!

(JTA) #1523

Excellent! Thanks for the eye candy! Fracture ON!

(OhGodTheSlugs) #1524

Great to see this add on is still in active development. Here’s a little project that i’m currently working on. Still needs a lot of work.

Would it be possible to enable the Triggered/Trigger and Ghost options to work outside of the fracture modifier?


(OhGodTheSlugs) #1525

My previous post didn’t appear for some reason, so I’ll try again.

Here’s something I’m working on with the fracture modifier.

Would it be possible to enable the settings Trigger/Triggered and Ghost outside of the fracture modifier? Also, when coverting to key framed objects, would it be possible to not free the bake for other objects with a fracture modifier?

(tungee) #1526

Mhhh. scorpion in the latest mac build, the remesh particles are gone?!

(scorpion81) #1527

Hmm it should look like this if you have a particle system and a remesh (Metaball) modifier after it, in Particle mode. Does something miss in the build ? I hope i didnt accidentally upload an older version there…

(tungee) #1528

MY failure Scorpio! I deleted the newest Fracbuild in my App folder accidently! Everything is fine here.
But one question: Official 10.6 build are deprected, but your Fracbuild is compatible with 10.6.
Do you sync your build with the actual master? Cause i cant find the new SSS in it?

(scorpion81) #1529

No, until now i only synced with the release branches… will do another sync with 2.79a when its ready, but after that i think it could be wise to have another build which bases on master, only need to take care of missing Carve in master, since FM also uses it still.

(tungee) #1530

Ok then i think 10.6 compatibility is gone after syncing with the master, i think. Iam right?
Bytheway the build is so exciting, i used Fracbuild the last time last year and it evolved so much!

(scorpion81) #1531

Hi, the trigger / triggered and ghost checkboxes (those 3 atleast) work with regular rigidbodies too :slight_smile: (but not outside the FM build, if you meant that). And nice video, i like it :slight_smile:

Edit: ghost trigger works with FM only atm

(scorpion81) #1532

Well i am not exactly sure, atm master is still “clean” of new 2.8 stuff iirc, but anytime soon it will change and 2.8 is the new master (which will require OpenGL 3.2 atleast, due too viewport stuff) and atleast from then on the 10.6 compat will be gone for sure i think. Nice you like the FM :slight_smile:

(tungee) #1533

If a final 10.6 2.79a Fracbuild exists in the end, i would be very happy :smiley:
Im stuck on 10.6 because the system runs extreme stable and i had audio hardware here, which is not 10.7 compatible anymore.

(OhGodTheSlugs) #1534

Thanks :slight_smile: Are there any plans to enable Ghost to work with the regular rigid bodies in the FM build? It would solve a big hurdle i’m facing with the sinkhole simulation.

I like to create my own hi res detailed fragments and parent them to the sim fragments. After running the sim i convert the ground/concrete fragments to keyframed objects. The problem i face is doing do this frees the bake so i need to run the sim again, however the sim, with the keyframed objects, never looks the same with the other frags/objects in the sim flying all over place. If Ghost was enabled with regular RBs i could just convert the frags to objects then run the sim once.

(JTA) #1535

I run a 10.6 boot also because of hardware and stability constraints. I feel ya…

(Kai Kostack) #1536

I have prepared dummies with skin for the next big Fracture Modifier simulation but things escalated quickly.

(Gilles Charbonneau) #1537

Man, I am laughing so hard here! :smiley:



(Kologe) #1539

Haha, great! ^^
Guess I should show this to those of my friends who are into all sorts of electronic music…:smiley: (While I always say what people consider ‘dancing’ in those circles is considered to actually be a bizzare special case of tourette syndrome by leading experts in the field.)


(jensverwiebe) #1540

New Linux:

Branch: fracture_modifier
Revision: 4e1c31c
Submodules: locale 1bbc9bd addons f1c6cfa
OS: GNU/Linux, Architecture: x86_64, GLIBC: 2.19
Builddate: Sa 17. Feb 18:31:57 UTC 2018
Filesize: 103160748 byte
Sha256sum: 54578c0b3b5f88905fd66ce0d7ca256bafc6e4251a94e948b52ebde11494ee4b
URL: http://www.jensverwiebe.de/Blender/blender_fracture_modifier_linux64_latest.tar.xz


-crash fix for external constraints 
-further constraint related crash fixes 
-crash fix attempts 
-re-implementation of external constraints 
-external constraints load / refresh fix 
-fix potential memory leak 
-another implementation attempt for external constraints 
-first attempt of brickify fracture 
-fix for "double rotation" in bind 
-fractal boolean with regular alignment, animation bind tweaks 
-inner material is part of presets now 
-fix an ffmpeg qtrle crasher 
-animation bind rotation fix, some dynamic mode fixes