Don’t you get like a lifetime license if you can provide a file to the author where that’s reproducable? :slight_smile:

Hey, please build new windows version!


Lol guess I could get unlimited free licenses.

Hi, the offer was if you compare CyclesX with E-Cycles 7, the new one.
E-Cycles user have acces to the alpha version.

Cheers, mib

Ah thats why I dont get an error when both GPUs are being used - darn

Just a heads up, The dev. built a new Windows build with all of the latest commits in master (so you get volume absorption and the various fixes, alongside all of the editmode optimizations).


Viewport OIDN denoiser works badly

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From my testing, I have to say that the current Cycles X builds are back to being completely unusable for basic production work.

The passes are broken (nearly all of them), adaptive sampling is broken, final render denoising is broken. It is clear that the devs. are knee deep in core work so anyone here (CPU users at least) will have to go back either to vanilla Cycles or splash out the cash for E-Cycles. All you can do is basic progressive rendering jobs to verify that the scene is working properly.

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But, but, but - this is pre-alpha. You can’t expect anything at all at this stage.


I’m still using the very first release of cycles-x. All others have horrible problems.

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Yep… Where to find it?

For me, the one from June 10th is working great.

I’ve just come across this video:

Windows 10
Dual Xeon silver 4114 2.2 GHz (2 processors 20 cores)
Quadro P 4000 GPU - 8GB
64 GB 2400 Mhz DDR 4


Thinking if CyclesX runs only on Optix, you could use only Cuda for Eevee, and that realtime compositor would be working a bit like RTX games :thinking:

June 22nd version - The denoise will work, if you manually in the compositor take the noisy image then plug that into a denoise filter. If not it goes all white and blown out.

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I am waiting for the build that just crashes when you press the render button.

Think I am kidding, it is possible that the Cycles X branch could hit that point (as many more core changes get made) before things really start to get better. It has happened before with other experimental features (even the ones that are really powerful additions to our toolbox today).

thats pretty impressive - if you also have such a GPU

For me, denoise in render settings results on drastic overexposure if adaptive sampling is enabled.

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that’s not such an amazing GPU (at least, not anymore), as it sits behind a 1070 performance wise. Moreover, if I am not mistaken that’s the mobile version of the card.

Obviously with the global card shortage, that can also be quite interesting, but a mere 2060 should be able to perform better than that (if you can find it :slight_smile: )

Such GPU? O_o

Quadro P4000 is very slow GPU by today’s standards, getting beaten even by last gen entry level RTX2060 in GPU rendering.

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