Dangerous Substances

(CubeFan973) #1

Do you think dangerous substances like cigarettes and alcohol should be banned, not only from the youth, but from everyone?

(S68) #2

You are talking to a cigar smoking wine drinker 8)


P.S. I like beer too, but while eating I prefear wine, for after lunch
we already had our top ten alcoholic beverage poll, so I won’t repeat it here :slight_smile:

(Dittohead) #3

and destroy the economy?? take away my right as an american??


it’s already been done!!! have you eve heard of the prohibition? in the thirtys ALL alcohol was banned. what you want will be over thrown just like the prohibition. i don’t like drugs or cigs, but if you want another depression? then go ahead and do this. apparently you have put no thought into this.

drugs are banned but millions still get ahold of them!!!

:-? :-?

BTW-s68 you crack me up!


(Dittohead) #4

um those are already banned from minors, or little kids cuz thats what they are.

(cohort) #5

I actually believe that the lesser illicit drugs should all be unbanned, then regulated and taxed as an industry the same way that cigarettes and alcohol are.

(acasto) #6

I don’t smoke, and I really don’t like it. But if someone wants to, let em. As for alchol, I have to get ready for wing night, I couldn’t pass up chicken and beer.

(Dittohead) #7

acasto: fried chicken, or baked? and what kinda beer? j/k :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

(acasto) #8

I usually get the BBQ wings and the nights special, which I think on Wed. is rolling rock.

(Dittohead) #9

mmmm…buffalo wings. :smiley: :smiley:

ok aorry fo the thread hijacking. i just don’t think theres anyway in #%$& that there will ever be another prohibition.

threre are more groups supporting legelization of drugs.

(VelikM) #10

Why spend 15 billion dollars a year fighting the war on drugs when you could make 5 billion dollars a by year taxing them, then spend the 15 billion on education, rather than screwing with some poor third world farmer that doesn’t have a pot to piss in, and spend the 5 billion on rehab.

(Alltaken) #11

i think alchohol should not be banned (just watered down like american beer)

but i think cigs should be banned in ALL PUBLIC PLACES including resaurants, parks, streets, and hotels.

they should be taxed like crazy (more than now)

and redesigned so that smoke only goes into the SMOKERS LUNGS not into the air.

if someone is drunk and they kill someone in a crash (death penalty) cause its murder. and they should enforce warning labels on the bottles.
smoking harms everyone around therefore taking away a persons rights to not smoke if ther are close to someone!!!

if somthing has a direct negative effect on someone other than the person choosing it then it should be resricted or banned.

like cars they should be banned.
and guns
and dogs
and cats (except ones with squished faces)
and rubbish
and sueing people
and having sex with minors (oh whoops that already banned)
and religion
and democracy

thats all

(blengine) #12

nah i dont think they should be banned…

let the dummies kill their minds and bodies :wink:

besides, they act as a great population control!! … tobacco kills over 1000 people per day, and alcohol i imagine is a great deal more

imagine how packed the world would be if these people were’nt dieing daily! it would be insane!

so thanks to all those who kill themselves so that i can live in a semi-uncrowded city =D

wink wink

(Bapsis) #13

No, but i do think dangerous things like nuclear weapons and the like should be banned, by all nations INCLUDING the USA. And guns as well, like with this recent sniper shooting in the states, who the hell needs a “civilian” sniper rifle??? (insert emoticon with a cocked eyebrow here)

Stuff like drugs, ciggs and alchohal really only hurt the individual, and should be left up to that person in question. I myself smoke ciggs, wish i could quit tho 'cuz i truely do hate them, and i smoke weed, dont drink tho except on a very rare occasion.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(blengine) #14

Stuff like drugs, ciggs and alchohal really only hurt the individual, and should be left up to that person in question.

bapsis, havent u seen the “drug money supports terrible things” campaigns on tv? it actually has truth to it… what drug dealers do with your money can hurt many people, they can use their ‘earned’ drug money which u give them to buy more drugs to sell to others, which is hurting them, or to buy guns, which i dont have to tell u, are used to kill people :wink:
and gateway drugs like pot open up a new world of serious drugs for alot of people… with addictions so strong, they might kill or rob to get enuff money to feed their drug habit…
indirectly, your drug money can be responsible for pain and suffering u dont even know about

same thing with cigarettes… as long as the people keep buying them, they will continue their operation and the newer generations will see a world of smokers, so they become one themselves, hurting themselves… indirectly, u are responsible for their addiction because as long as tobacco companies are thriving, they will always attract new users… i know it would be impossible for everyone to quit smoking all at once, but if they did, tobacco companies would crumble and smoking wouldnt BE anymore, no more pain, no more addiction, and no more slow suicides…

alcohol, haha, that definitely DOESNT just hurt yourself… the amoutn of alcohol related deaths increase each year, mostly in the car crash division… driving drunk isnt only hurting yourself, and there are many other scenarios in which a drunk person can cause harm to others…

im not saying you, bapsis, are an irresponsible drunk, hehe i doubt that u are, but a good deal of drinkers are or can be at one time or another…

im just saying, if u look at the whole picture, its never JUST hurting yourself =(


(Bapsis) #15

True, i understand what your saying there!!!
And im not any kind of drunk 'cuz i dont drink, and as far as smoke i doubt the guyz i know who grow are using it to fund guns, but i know that there are lots who do through the “chain of command”.
Personally, i would like to quit smoking ciggs, and grow my own weed so its value is basically nothing except the enjoyment i gain from smoking it. :wink: I dont like the idea that a bag of weed bought will buy some crim a gun which shot a dude and so on…


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(blengine) #16

hey thats a great idea =D i agree the safest way would be to grow your own pot =D… that truely is only hurting yourself, unless u really get fudged up from way too much and rape some people :wink: hehe but dont let that happen! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jamesk) #17

I’m totally against all sorts of banning. BUT, I would be happy if Budweizer was banned, 'cuz that the worst effing excuse for beer I’ve ever encountered. :smiley:

(Alltaken) #18

what percentage alcohol is budwiezer

what is the average in america (including canada and mexico)

what is the average in the US

i have heard its pretty weak in the US about 2% or 2.5%
but i am not sure

its about 5-7% here and i was just wondering

(acasto) #19

There is a critical flaw in this type of thinking that make it impossible. First off, nuclear weapons will exsist. You can not wipe them off the earth totally, PERIOD. So now it comes down to, someones going to have them, so who’s it going to be? If all ‘good’ countries don’t have them, then you can bet the ‘bad’ ones will. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would like to see that situation arise.

As for guns, the same thing. Wouldn’t criminals love a place with absolutely no guns. Like Chris Rock says… “Never go to parties with metal detectors. Sure it feels safe inside. But what about all the niggas wiggin outside wit guns. They know you don’t have one.” Also, the gun used in the sniper shootings wasn’t even a sniper rifle. That was basically an assult rifle. So then you get down to where to draw the line. Well, a .223 isn’t even that big. A lot of sniper type rifles are more around the 7.62mm range. But then again, give me a .22 caliber and a target, and I’m sure I could take it out. So basically what it comes down to, is if someons going to kill, then they are going to kill. Look at Oklahoma City, they took down the building with some fertilizer and fuel oil. Look at Sept. 11, they did all that with only a handful of razor knifes.[sarcasm] But thank god they didn’t have guns, then what would we have done [/sarcasm] :wink:

(Bapsis) #20

LOL!!! I would NEVER even dream of rape, and marijuana cannot plant that desire in anyone who dosent already have the desire to do so naturally within themselves.
Most likley i would either get high and wind up Blending for like 12 hour straight, or curl up infront of a good sci-fi movie with a BIG bag of doritos!!! :wink:

And to acasto, i realize your point as well, its not so much the weapon but the person in possession of the weapon. Hell, i could take a little twig from a tree and ram it through someones eyesocket or up their sinus cavity, stabbing the brain and killing them. I guess its more important to educate the succeeding generations in why a peacefull society should be sought after by everyone. And the gun used in the sniper attacks was a XM-15 Sniper Rifle, and a “civilian” modle, the difference being from the millitary model is that its not capeable of fully automatic fire.


Blend on, and blend well!!!