DAZ Importer

I see. This was a separate bug, now fixed I think.

Thanks Thomas! It works perfectly now, and you even named the bug after me :laughing: It really made my day. Thanks again, best plugin ever!

Hi guys, I have been using this shader https://pyroevil.com/simple-skin-shader-v1-0/ with pretty good results. I think it is quite simple and performs well in cycles and eevee. You should give it a try!

Nice! I’ll give it a look.

Is the hair conversion working? I only get this:

It works in B2.79 but not in B2.80. Setting the hair coordinates from Python apparently has no effect in B2.80.

Hi ThomasL,after I imported the model,there are face, arms,torso,ears,legs severl materials,its tedious if i want to change the material for all body,is there any way to merge them so i can just do with one materials for body?Sorry for my english and thanks for your help.

Not really. There are some buttons in the Setup > Materials section that change viewport color, bump strength and distance, and translucency strength for all the mesh’s materials. I agree that it would be desirable to be able to edit all the materials at once, but don’t know how it would work out in practice. The different body parts really have different materials that can be changed independently, e.g. you can apply makeup to the face material.

Hey Thomas,

First off amazing script, I have had a lot of success with it. I was just wondering if it’s possible to import the higher poly meshes, like with the obj export, with your scrpit?

Thanks again man, it’s amazing work! :slight_smile:


I am having troubles installing Daz Importer. Installing the add-on through the preferences window and enabling gives me the following error. See attached.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi idrawshapes,

I had the same issue. The development version works for me in 2.8 over the stable one, maybe give that a try.


Short answer: no, and it is not in the pipeline in the foreseeable future.

Stable version 3.1 was created on October 16, 2018, and only works with B2.79. Once B2.80 has been officially released, I will try to assemble a version 4.0 which runs on both 2.79 and 2.80. The development version is a good approximation to that.


Aww, that’s too bad, thanks anyway.

I did have some success re-rigging the higher obj to the skeleton of the import, which worked like 95% but had some weighting issues, especially with the face morphs.

I also tried subdividing the imported model ( so it had the same verted count) and assigning the higher poly as a new shape to bring out the detail. But it just ended up as a big hexagon on the floor. Haha :slight_smile:

Anyways, it’s an awesome tool to have, so thank you very much for that!


Hi guys new here, I installed the addon but I don’t see Daz Runtime on the bar menus. How do I fix this??

Are you using Blender 2.79 or 2.80… I don’t believe it’s completely working for 2.8 yet.

Im using 2.8.

Hey guys I’ve sort of found a way to get daz to blender 2.8. I’ve been playing with lights but there are some weird parts. The figure’s body is a whole lot brighter than the face, not sure what’s going on here, let me know what I’m doing wrong.