Daz to Blender8

Additional info I just found out: When I manually modify the DTB.mtl by adding the full path to the texture files, the textures are loaded and assigned to the materials. I strongly believe this is the root cause of the problem I experience. I hope this diagnosis rings a bell and you can fix this. I looked at the code hoping to provide a fix, but no… Hope for a solution to get this great add-on working as it should.

Just looking at your email report and not seeing the last contact with BlenderArtist.org, I seem to have sent the wrong email.I’m sorry.
By the way, the reason why the DTB.mtl file is written with a relative path is because CollectMap is checked as shown in the OBJ export screen of DazStudio.

However, my script should have been adjusted so that the OriginalMap above is not checked.
Maybe you have manually modified the contents of DazToBlender8.dsa?
And the whole DazToBlender8 is currently version It looks like you’re using a fairly old version.
If both DazStudio and Blender use the latest version of the script file and the situation doesn’t change, please contact me.