DecalMachine 2.3 compatibel with?

I have DecalMachine 2.3 on my PC together with Blender 2.93. At first this works properly. But I often encounter situations where DecalMachine doesn’t work properly.
Is version 2.3 compatible with 2.93 ? It often happens that after placing a decal on an object, a large part of the PieMenu is not visible anymore. I also often see that folders with Decals in DecalMachine 2.3 are set to “locked”.

Who helps to find a solution.

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  • Windows, MacOS or Linux
  • Blender 2.83 (LTS), Blender 2.92 (stable)

Experimental Builds

Experimental Blender builds are not supported, and fixing any issues related to them, will not be a priority, but reporting them is still encouraged.

Since you bought this Addon, the best is to ask the question directly to the author of this addon …

Then there is a follow-up regarding unique DecalMachine:

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Hi Guus,

You need to switch off the “Enable Decal Removal Mode”. You likely pressed it by accident.

Cheers and stay safe!