I"m using blender for a little time now, mainly for architecural renders. When I came across your addon, I just asked myself if it can be used to add dirt, stains, cracks and all sort of imperfections directly by patching up the model with stickers.
I didn’t find any example of that use in the comments or elsewhere. Do you have an example of alternate uses of your addons ?

Thanks !

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If the imperfections have a normal map and diffuse map, I can see it would be doable, using something like Shadermap or ‘Materialize’ to create the inital textures to apply to the decal resource.

v1.8.1 is out | Gumroad | BlenderMarket

  • add optional update check
    • appears in pie menu once update is available
  • work around issue in Unwrap (alternative mode) and Decal Creation, due to open Blender bug
  • fix rare panel decal UV over or under stretching in Slice and Unwrap
  • fix Normal Transfer defaults not being enforced by Shrinkwrap
  • optimze addons check on preferences - about page
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It depends on how far you want to take it.

If you are fine with cracks being textured via normal-ao-curvature only, then sure, absolutely.

If you also need a color texture in addition, than no. not yet, not until I’ll add textured decals, which is on my road map, but have no date.

For stains and dirt, I suppose you could use info decals, which are decals using a color and alpha texture.

For your cracks, you would need a model of it and then create it as a simple decal from geometry, like so.

Made a short demo of what you can expect. The cracks model is simple here, but you could sculpt this to add more detail.
You could also use a displacement map and displace it from a very dense mesh instead of sculpting.

And for dirt and stains, you could hijack info decals.


Hello MACHIN3 and every one , i know the textured decal will come in some future and the bake decals down will come in the 1.9 release but in the mean time… does someone have a workarround to make a decal ( normalmap decal ) fuse with the texture of the model?
Lets say I have a carbon fiber texture on my model and I want to make a hardsurface detail on it but it has to be carbon fiber aswell, thanks in advance for your comments !

These are the steps:

  • bake decal normal maps to active(parent object)
    • this results in a mostly flat normal map with just the decals
  • bake down the decal subset masks, if you have subset decals
    • this results in a mostly black map, which just some white spots for the subsets
  • combine your carbon normals with decal normals in the areas where the subset mask is black in a 2d tool or substance painter or substance designer
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Now you should make a triplet with a welding effect through panel decals :x

hello , thanks for the tip machin3, it kind of works but i dont know what am I doing wrong, it duplicates the map in the other side of the sphere and also I think that it doesn’t bakes the paralax , maybe blender isn’t capable of baking paralax …?

-------------with decals------

-----------Baked normal maps-----------

---------- something strange in the back of the sphere --------




thanks for your time !

Of course not. It’s a shader effect, you can’t bake it. You can bake down the height maps however, but parallax doesn’t work well across UV islands, as explained earlier.

I’ve noticed the same 2 weeks ago or so when I did some early testing.
This might be a Blender bug, and should be reported to confirm.
In my test, I could work around it by applying a Solidify mod to the sphere with a very small thickness amount.

You can also see how the colors are off, producing this greenish color. This looks a lot like another Blender bug and should also be reported.
You can fix that by just inverting the blue channel of the affected areas.

Edit: actually just set B to -Z

okay thanks for your reply, Machin3 i’ll wait then until it’s resolved

thaanks !!:smiley:

It likely won’t resolve itself. It will need to be reported. I’ll do it once I start working on exporting. But If sb. does it now, it may save time.

okay I’m gonna report it to blender then!


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When you do, don’t talk about DECALmachine or decals. Keep it general. You want to bake a normal map from one object to another.

Thanks for the tips !

Well, that seems very interesting, I’m gonna watch your tutorials to learn more about that function. I’m looking forward for your work about textured decals too !

Have a nice day !

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Grease Pencil > Panel Decal (preview for 1.9)


holy s*!t…

Would that be something that could be utilized in meshmachine/plugs as well in some way?

Hats off to you Sir, you never cease to amaze me.


You always make our jaw drop.
How did you get those magic powers?


Blender + Python 24/7 for 3 years, after 17 years of doing design and cg.


It could for sure. It could also be used for decal placement.