I have bought DECALMachine and I really love it. I want to create some basic decals to speed up my work but I get some problems that I can’t solve. When I create a basic circle and create decal, it works perfectly. But when I add some details to my circle mesh and create decal, it looks like flat layers stacked together. There are jagged edges between these layers. I attach my blend file and images to help you understand thoroughly my case. I hope you can help me to fix this problem.

Thanks in advanced.

Here is the blend file:

DECALMachine Hard Surface_2.blend (1.2 MB)

I don’t know where you rely on to assert that I havent’ bought DECALMachine but if you need, this is my receipt on Blender Market.

receipt.pdf (37.3 KB)

I’m sorry if this is a misunderstanding, can you please follow up on my email send earlier?

Hello, I downloaded the receip and it says sales taxes are 0 is it correct ? are all the blender market products taxesfree or just decal machine? I need to declarate all the taxes for my freelance activities . thanks

You need to talk to Blender Market about this. Usually it depends on your location, if and how much sales tax you pay.

okay thanks for your repply !

sorry, I’ve already bought the decal machine but for blender 2.8 I have to buy it again?

Nope, there’s a separte link, if you go on gumroad in your library, it should point you to it.