A: it is possible to bake the normal map of the asset plus decals as Object/World space?

DECALmachine does not bake the normals of an asset, it only bakes a flat decal normal map.
You are suppossed to combine the flat decal normals with the asset normal map on your own. This can easily be done in a substance product are even in Photoshop.

Baking them in object space could be done but I see no benefit in doing sot.

B: There is any issue if you use decals on assets which use material with a normal map already included?

Not that I’m aware of.

One nice trick for a normal map without skew and waviness is baking as Object/World, then convert it as a Tangent, sadly the Blender baker can’t do that conversion but Xnormal and Substance Designer can do it. So I wonder if there are some room to use that trick (baking as Object/World through DecalMachine, OR baking the decals normal map inside another normal map you’r using as a material) along with DecalMachine without encountering crappy bake result. 2

Baking in object space does not magically get rid of skewing. Baking in object space is an old technique used in cases the baker’s tangent base does not match the target engine’s.
These days, everyone uses MikkT I think.

To get rid of skewing in your high to lowpoly bakes, you can paint it out in tools like marmoset or substance designer(painter?).

In the DECAmachine workflow, the decals would sit on the lowpoly object, not the highpoly. Maybe, after you’ve baked your main normals from high to low. Since the decals then follow the lowpoly object perfectly, there won’t be any skewing, when you bake the decal normals.
You’d then have two normal maps, that you can combine.

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more fun with transparent materials + detail normals

In future (2.1?) you won’t have to do the node edits, just matching/re-applying the decals should do it.


Hi there! ive been having a blast with Decalmachine and been sharing your products like crazy, most maya users minds are blown away :yum:

2 questions popped up while testing latest DM;

  1. when using the slice function is it possible to only slice the “up facing/blue” normals and ignore the backface ?
  2. after projecting decals/strips they loose the ability to transform. Is it possible to make them move in conjunction with the mesh beneath it ?
  1. It’s a bit hard to see what is going on there. Slice creates panel decals on all surfaces the cutter intersects. There is no such thing as a back face in that context. And I can’t decide for you, what you conider a back face. Don’t intersect the faces you don’t want to create a panel decal on, or if that’s not easily done, remove them manually afterwards.
    The Project tool on the other hand, does prevent back face projections, but that’s easily done because projecting is directional, slicing is not.

  2. Decals are parented to the object they sit on top of. This happens when a decal is inserted on top of an object, and if a decal is re-applied. It’s also happening when projecting, slicing, e-paneling and g-paneling.
    DECALmachine tries to enforce, that decals always have a parent object. So they will always follow an object, by default.
    Compared to plain decals(flat, not projected or sliced), that are parented but can be moved freely, projected, sliced, e-paneled and g-paneled decals will get their transforms locked. This is done intentionally. They still move with the parent object though. They can be moved/edited in edit mode, if necessary.
    Projected and Sliced decals should never be moved around in object mode after they have been projected or sliced, because
    a) they may share the parent’s topology (project, topo slice) and the form in general, so moving them doens’t make any sense
    b) they share the parent origin, which is important for the normal transfer, the backup tool and for matching of textures.
    If the decals in your image don’t follow the parent object, it’s means they are parented to the wrong object. This can happen if you have decals on an object, that gets split or booleaned into multiple pieces. You need the then re-apply the decals, probably with the new parent object selected at the end.
    If you have to move a projected, sliced etc decal, maybe becasue your want to duplicate and/or move it. You should retrieve the backup and re-project or re-slice that.

I basically explain all of this. Please see,,, etc.