Decrepit Train

Hey guys. I’ve been puttering around in Blender for the last few years not making the progress I want to. Before I graduate from high school I want to have a piece that I’m proud of, with the communities help (lots of critique) this will be that definitive piece.

On about the project itself: This project is of a decrepit train (modern day) that will draw heavily from the train scene in Spirited Away (posted below). I’m going to focus on creating an immersive atmosphere using lighting. The render will be of the inside of the train seen in the first image.

I want to render it in Indigo but the allure of the Blender compositor might be too much, I’ll end up seeing what happens.

Thanks for reading


Well, the modeling shouldn’t be too bad for the train itself, the real magic will come from the texturing you give it. I’ve been working on a Miyazaki inspired scene myself and so far it has been a fun challenge. I look forward to seeing more updates on the project.

the studio ghibli films are very beautiful :slight_smile: make sure you work hard to do it justice.

I’ll do my best.

I recently had a meeting with my art teacher to review the project and we both agreed I should not overlook the conceptual part of the piece and the final design/composition. Sorry for the delay I wanted to really hit the ground running but as I’ve heard and know it’s a bad idea to go straight into Blender without a fully fledged idea.

Ok, started modelling. Trying to get the exterior of the subway done tomorrow.

Are you going to focus on the inside or the outside for the render? If just the inside, you might want to get set up first. I know what it is like to get the outside done and realize I don’t have room to model and then have to hide geometry anyway.

Yeah, thanks for the advice, I’ve started modelling the inside. I’ll just post what I’ve done and the ref image I’m using before I call it a night.

its looking really good so far :slight_smile: is it going to be more like a modern train now then or are you still going to follow the screenshot as a ref?

look forward to seeing you progress with this :slight_smile:

Thanks, I liked the look of the old subway so I’m going to follow it quite closely.

I’m going to try and finish modeling as soon as possible so I can start messing around with lights and materials. I hope to have this done Monday so it might be a bit hectic, but all comments and critiques are appreciated. I posted some wireframes so that if anything looks odd or you want to suggest something please let me know!

End of tonights work, almost done modeling. I started some Indigo tests and I’m really happy with the results.

wow its coming on really quickly :slight_smile: are you going to render it with indigo for the finished project then or BI? have you its looking really good so far :slight_smile: are you going to have the subway underground then or still follow the same track through the countryside?

I envisioned the train being at an outdoor station much like the image below. Thanks for the continued support!

I’ve started doing some Indigo renders while texturing and I’ve come across a fairly large problem. In order to get dust particles/volumetric light to render efficiently In Indigo I need an exit portal beside the train windows, but If I want to render the outside of the train as well this isn’t possible. So how can I render volumetric light quickly inside the train while still having a view of the exterior?

Also here are some tests.

The first image has a fog cube over the scene to create volumetric lighting and also has an exit portal beside the windows which creates the white background.

The second image has neither of those effects.

Nice modeling, and the indigo renders look really good :wink: Is it going to be this color, or are you just testing lighting and stuff before texturing? Anyway, nice job.
Looking forward to more updates.

im not very familiar with indigo but can you not make the exit portal transparent or ask it not to be visible during render perhaps? hopefully someone will be able to give a bit more of an insight into it :slight_smile: its coming on really well mind :slight_smile: keep up the good work :slight_smile:

awesome! really good

Looking good so far. I’ll be watching this.

@Yanneyanen Yeah, I’m sort of sporadic in my process, the texturing is coming along slowly after my Monday deadline fell through (no big surprise there)

@bacon_chaney I think I might be able to Photoshop the background in, or wash out the windows as seen in the image below.

And to the rest thanks for the support. I have small update which is a couple renders with ridiculous post applied in Photoshop. I needed something to present on Monday so this is what I put together. Nonetheless this WIP is nowhere near from over, I want to finish up the interior and try my hand at a couple of exterior renders.

Let me know what you feel is working and what’s not. Textures are definitely a WIP, everything else, go to town on.

The first image is a new render, the second is the new render with a slew of effects, and the third is the volumetric render from before with lots of colour correction, etc.

looking really good :slight_smile: shame about you working ot a deadline, hope you dont rush it too much as its coming along really well :slight_smile:

This is coming along very well although it isn’t much like the train from Spirited Away at this point.

I was going to suggest compositing the windows from a separate render but it seems like you already decided to do that. That solution should work, unless you were planning on doing some animation in which case it would be a much longer process. I’m not familiar with Indigo and the options it gives you so I can’t really help out on that front. What is your impression of Indigo? I recently discovered it and have been unsure of whether to invest in outside rendering software or to stick with the Blender internal renderer.