Deleting holes in mesh

Hi, I’m new to Blender. I would like to delete some screw holes that were made in a 3D model, because it’s making the model a lot heavier for nothing. There are so many I could spend a year doing this job by hand, so I was wondering if there already was a tool for this in Blender, or if anybody had an idea for a script.

You can see one of the holes I want to remove on the screenshot, but there are thousands of hundreds of other ones in my model.

I have already tried all the basic cleaning options, and filling up options available in Blender, nothing worked the way I wanted. But maybe I missed an add-on or something.

I’m interested in any suggestions, and I can send a sample if someone wants to take a look.


one of good ways is to select all vertices > merge ‘by distance’ … with accurate distance you will remove + weld the max vertices then select your holes borders > F

I don’t think there’s any magical tool that would do it for you, and even if there were, you’d be likely to spend more time configuring it to do what you want, and still not be sure it hasn’t destroyed some objects in your scene.

Advice from @Addidi above won’t work here I’m afraid, it will just create internal faces or edges.

By hand, closing one of the holes in your screenshot should take 5 to 10 seconds. If there’s a thousand of them, that’s what, 1.5 to 3 hours? :slight_smile:

I tried this. The problem is that I have some details at the same scale of this that I want to keep.

you could try OpenVDB remesh. Maybe with a bit of luck it could work even with all those holes…

No, it will not. It’s a remeshing tool, not a retopology tool. @MPeregrini needs to reduce the face count, not increase it, and (I assume) not destroy the models in the process.

Right. I remember there’s this Mesh Heal